Upon Trying to Write a Happy Poem


The poet wanted to write
a happy poem,
something summery.
But as soon as she wrote it down,
the words, misstated the season,
and cried in that reserved,
closed-mouth way, much like
Southern belles sometimes do.

The poem tried to hold
back the sobs, to submit
to whimsical metaphors.
But it was too besot by sadness,
to enthralled with winter.
The line shuttering.
Finding preservation in angst.

The poet resigned to
the poem’s fate
decides it’s better
to pull the blinds down,
cultivate the poem’s sickness,
reside inside blue.
Feed the pen the toxins.
Knowing the poem
doesn’t want the elixir.
It only finds artistry
in the pain.

-Tosha Michelle

Abstract art by Brat Inc aka Me.

And today its been…


131 thoughts on “Upon Trying to Write a Happy Poem

  1. The poet is not co-operating? Sounds like one requires a big hug? There is one flying your way as I type πŸ™‚ Love the picture, and the song is pretty good one too, not heard of them before, smart video! Lets have your pain over here pls! Xx

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  2. Whenever I try to write a happy poem, it suddenly turns as blue as ever… Maybe this is related to the fact that I leave hapiness for real life, and go to my dark side just when writing poetry (for short stories I am more into humour, irony and sarcasm)
    A very powerful combination here, Tosha, powerful painting and words in an amazing combination of feelings. You are great, my friend!!

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  3. [I don’t know if I accidentally “sent” part of my comment already, but …] The poem leads the poet … and this poem (and art) is a wonderful leader indeed. Beautiful, Tosha! πŸ™‚

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  4. You can only write what you feel and you do it so well, ya backwards thinking, lovely loon.
    Tis funny how I started off with a want to write something in a certain way myself today and am being led somewhere completely different.
    Fecking WP won’t let me like again, btw.
    Because I do likey.

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      1. Not where I live. I did see one in Texas once. It was scary, but I get scared during thunder storms too. Don’t tell anyone but I’m kind of wus when it comes to certain things. I could still kick your ass though. Do you miss working there?

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      2. Ha-ha. I’m really quite docile. Actually. I’m a bit of both depending on my mood. Kindly, sir would you please make a video so your adoring public can make fun of your sorry British ass. Thank you from the bottom of my cold little heart.

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      3. Yay! I will let you get on with it Happy editing, boob building, and snark inspiring making. See you on the insulting side of the road. Bring your boxing gloves and forked tongue.


      1. 2 more please. Your videos bring me so much joy. Or maybe, it’s the joy of making fun of you as I watch the videos. That’s it. Let’s not get it twisted I don’t want to offend any wives or girlfriends. Just think of me as one of the guys you f****** wanker.

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      2. Ha-ha. Now you owe me three for being cheeky. I’d love to stay and take the piss our of you all day but I have an appointment. I’m important like that. It’s with my parole officer. ha-ha. I have to see the Dr about an STD ..still kidding… I do have to see the Dr though ..still not feeling well. Meh. Until next time, my turkey basting, giblet goblin, litter eating, creep of a new guy pal. Goodbye.

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      3. Nooooooo!! What will I do all day?! I’ll actually rehydrate!
        Get your STD sorted tomorrow.
        Kidding. Go he better. Then you can rip the shit out of me once more.
        Hope you feel better, chick-a-Dee.
        You septic sipping, mucus munching, seven-toes lunatic!!

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      4. I’m waiting to be seen. Exciting times. I hope you’re out pumping up your man boobs. Oh and drink up. You’re going need your energy for when I am well and in full snark mode, you foul mouth, reality TV watching, socks with sandals wearing, man whore

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  5. Aw, the Southern Belle reference was a big tease. Love it. An awesome read.
    Feed the pen the toxins.
    Knowing the poem
    doesn’t want the elixir.
    It only finds artistry
    in the pain.

    Brilliant. What else can I expect from this shining star of the South.

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      1. Thank you. I tend to bring out the protective side in people it’s my small stature and tiny voice ha-ha. You’re right though, I’ve learned to stand up for myself and speak my mind. I’m a lot happier for it.

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  6. We all write from different places although for some the sadness is what let’s their creative juices flow freely. Perhaps also because sadness is so associated with poetry in general because one thinks of poets as being dark, somber people walking around with hazy thoughts of love and death in their minds.
    I really love your poem, it is so telling about how the muse has a mind of her own and that one can only follow in order to be in sync.

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      1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Check out the poem i wrote ! sorry i’m just 13. I just feel like i an express myself through writing. Thank you so much for replying!!

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