Stratospheric Eyes


For David and Jen and Tony and Jersey girl 

Tonight I feel more alone than the moon
overthrown by the clouds.
I take solace in the rain, the sway of the trees
being shaken out like a well loved blanket by the wind.
I know you are out there under the horizon. We’re on the same Earth.
The moon plays peekaboo with you too.

I understand how time zones float like helium balloons across the globe.
But the sky and this poem know how much I want you here.
I want to look at you
and mark how time changes you,
as it changes us.
I want to love you up close.

It’s true as you say, distance doesn’t define love, we do.
We always find each other. I look up at the sky,
just in time to see the moon sneak through the clouds.
It whispers to me in sibilance.

For a moment you come closer. Comforted by the knowledge of you,
I speak to you in trees and air.
The gray eyes of the night translates my love diction,
as the Milky Way pours itself over two lovers
swept up on a star yet to be named.

-Tosha Michelle


73 thoughts on “Stratospheric Eyes

      1. oh! I know a lot more. I grew up listening to all the music in the 90’s.
        On the contrary, I’m more of an Industrial music kind of guy, I dress all in black all the time. Tell you what, if you write a poem I guarantee you I’ll throw a song on there that you won’t expect me listening to. A lot of my friends get taken aback by the music everyone from back in the days grew up with. πŸ™‚

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  1. β€œStratospheric Eyes” has so much romance and a strong suggestive longing, β€œI want to love you up close”, what a brilliant line! Super image, the moon is spectacular and to top it all off with Etta, perfect! Wonderful as always!

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  2. So very beautiful as always Tosha. You’ve penned so skillfully the feeling of two lovers apart in terms of physical distance yet so close in terms of the distance between hearts. Very nostalgic with the longing and at the same time full of hope and belonging

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      1. No problems. Not sure what “hornory” means.
        Is it how I feel in a morning?
        No, it can’t be that! WordPress isn’t known for feeling THAT way!
        What could it be?!

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      2. Gosh darn it. The next show is the 27th. We are talking to an artist. I think it’s at 2EST. Just type in La Literati and Blogtalk radio into Google. That will take you to our page and upcoming shows. It would be a lot of fun to do it with you. You could read some of your poetry and be all British.

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      3. I KNOW! Remind me, for I have a memory like…erm…one of those things you drain rice in…erm…it’ll come to me in a bit.
        The only trouble with that is what to read and I’m Venezuelan! πŸ˜‰
        I was gutted to not say to such an interesting group!
        And to you! You don’t sound how I thought at all!

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      4. No!! Hahaha
        You don’t sound like a twelve year old!
        Thirteen maybe fourteen. πŸ˜€
        I thought you’d sound like John Wayne! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³
        I really don’t know what I thought to be honest and I refuse to shoot my own feet any more than I have, but you sounded lovely!
        Very welcoming to all.

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      5. No, I think he’d like ideal of fairness. That strength will out. Just be gentle. I’m quite fragile don’t you know. πŸ˜‚

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  3. This totally pulls me in and the song was a wonderful backdrop. I can remember times like this looking into the night sky….knowing she was far away. I would wonder if she saw the same stars and thought of us as I did. This is an instant classic! πŸ™‚

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