Upon Hearing of Your Passing.


Years from now when I read of your passing, I won’t imagine you in some abstract place. I want to picture you where you were the happiest- by the stream, where the ocean is never far, with book in hand, countless chapters, and no one to interrupt you.

Relaxing under a cerulean sky, blue-winged birds soaring.
The years, an heir to what was, golden, swinging light
as a breeze on an olive branch. The sky opening in their final valediction.

The sunlight dusting your hair, the fringe of grass.
The water from the stream flowing upward against the backdrop
of an eternal, carefree day.

The wisp of yourself pouring into the syntax in front of you. Words open again and again. Never taking back what they promise.
A thousand words to sustain you. Peace hemmed cover to endless cover.

Paused on the footnote of the page, you look up. Freedom in your gaze. Liberation in the moment. How still you are. How content. The words happening here. You look back down: your finger in the book. Your heart still, attuned to the glimmering of the stone.
The precipice attained.

-Tosha Michelle


48 thoughts on “Upon Hearing of Your Passing.

  1. Resonated with me as well Tosha. You know New Year’s Eve I drove by a funeral home and they were conducting one based on the activity (folks leaving, cars departing, etc.). I thought to myself “what a rough way to start a New Year.” I said a prayer for that family and am sure they are doing what you suggest in your words above.

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  2. My heart can see every inch of that place. What a beautiful setting to memorialize someone special. When it’s my time I hope that I have such a place. Beautiful, Tosha.

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  3. This is so lovely, Tosha — I’m really enjoying these longer lines for some reason — pushin’ the prose, 🙂 And this music — can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this soundtrack as I write; it’s gorgeous. Beautiful indeed. 🙂

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      1. You’re most welcome … And so am I glad about my kitty, who’s sitting on my lap even as I type these words 🙂 Have a great evening, Tosha!

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  4. Though a lot times I forget what I am about to say. People never really leave, never really die, there thoughts actions words painting have an effect on me, and that is how there is always life.. Yup, I say that, and also I seem to forget that a lot too. I really like this one!!

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  5. Tosha, I read it first and then read it again with music. I some water in my eyes on the second read. Is this your happy place…a space you visit when meditating perhaps? Is it how you would want to be remembered? No need to answer…just sharing where your art took me.

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