Kindergarten baby

Her poetry so simple.
God, strictly elementary.


Sometimes the poet wishes
to sing what she means.

She has no time for red velvet stars
or a cinnamon moon.

The flash of alliteration
or wandering couplets.

She prefers the bunny
in the hat.

She’s not trying to entertain
or get your cash.

She doesn’t mix her ink
or words.

She sometimes speaks in doubt,
she writes with her crayons out.

Her instructions are easy to read
but this isn’t some syntax
by numbers kit.

She cultivated metaphors and
coordinates for her mind.

Schooled in sadness,
she attempts enlightenment.

Prays to the paper on her desk,
while turned to some interior
door covered in blue.

Offers her soul in heartstrings
and unencumbered truth.

Sometimes the poet wants you
to understand the music
under the air,
to notice the
Milky Way
of scars.

The complexity of cotton.
that goes beyond shimmer
and lace.

She doesn’t need you to toss her
a rose or two.

She just hopes you understand
the subtle cadences of her bird song,
spinning in hope’s current,
looping back art
to a natural sound.

-Tosha Michelle


53 thoughts on “Kindergarten baby

  1. Says a true poet, a poet at heart. Really, Tosha, you need to start sending your work out. It needs a wider audience, I’m telling you. These words are too good, too true, too artful to be limited to WordPress. Have a great Monday, Miss! πŸ™‚

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    1. Heartily agree. Your words are fantastic Tosha and I am sure a lot of poets relate to this piece too. Very beautiful poem explaining the intricacies of writing soulfully and not necessarily attempting to be visually or artistically pleasing.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. “Her instructions are easy to read but this isn’t some syntax by numbers kit. ”
    You’re brilliant, and so is that line. πŸ™‚ write with an open heart, Tosha. It’s beautiful! ❀ xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. A tale of depth, richness, and meaning beyond the flash and bravado. “The complexity of cotton that goes beyond the shimmer and lace.”This was my favorite for several reasons. One is that I got swept away thinking about panties…not mine of course, ha! πŸ™‚

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  4. Enjoyed the difference in perspective of this piece.
    For some reason my app won’t let me like other’s work at the moment. Will get back when the stupid tosser sorts it’s bloody self out.

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      1. Should we storm WordPress and demand sweet tea and changes. Quiet. Very quiet.
        You okay? Did you sort out your problem. I hope you are good.

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      2. Lighting the torches now. I’m just feeling under the weather again. I think I have a sinus infection it’s making me sick to my stomach. It’s kind of murdering my sas. Meh! I’m sure I’ll be back in full cheek mode soon

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