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Hello, lovely ones. Yesterday, I posted a poem a day early to make room for today’s post. As some of you know, I host a literary podcast with my friend, Niles, called La Literati. We feature established authors, as well as up and coming writers.

Tomorrow, at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, we will be celebrating the work of three talented WordPress bloggers. Information is below.

We plan to make this a regular part of our show. If you are interested in participating in the future, please get in touch via my contact information listed on this site. We would love to hear from you.

About the writers:

Geetha Balvannanathan Prodhom is an Indian writer born within a multicultural family and raised between India, Tunisia, Europe and the Middle East. She writes poetry in English, French and Arabic and has published a collection of French poems in 2011 with another collection of poetry in English to be published in 2016. A fervent admirer of the Japanese art of Tanka and Haiku since 2010 and writing her own Haikus in English, French and Italian since 2014, she also writes short novels in English and in French on the themes of human feelings and interaction. She is currently working on a manuscript in English depicting the varied life she has led. Her blog is:

Debra (D.S.) Levy is a writer of short stories, flash fiction, and essays. She’s had work published in the Alaska Quarterly Review, Columbia, Little Fiction, The Pinch, and others. Although she’s never considered herself a “poet,” she believes that whatever she’s writing has always begun with a poet’s concerns — concision, compression, sound, and the desire to capture moments of being. Since blogging at C-Dog & Company, she has begun (shyly) to share some of her free verse. You can find her
blog here:

Christian Marc is a writer and blogger born in New Jersey, who lived in L.A., but is currently moving to Seattle. He is a two time recipient of the Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence. He blogs at:

You can also find my friend and cohort’s blog here:


Link to tomorrow’s show:

On an entirely different note. Rest in peace, Glenn Frey.


63 thoughts on “La Literati

  1. I’m looking forward to the podcast, Tosha. I’m familiar with Deb’s and Geetha’s blogs and they’re wonderful. RIP, Glenn Frey. Another talent taken by the harsh beginning of 2016.

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      1. I don’t either. I have some favorites, like Frank Turner and Lana Del Rey, but they haven’t the traction nor audience that Bowie and Frey had.

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  2. Oh my gosh. Glenn Frey is gone. Just Googled it. He was so young.
    That’s pretty cool about your show Tosha. I’ll have to see if I can check it out. Are you going to give a shout out reminder tomorrow?

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      1. Oh great. I don’t think I have much to do tomorrow. I might have to give a class for about an hour in the afternoon, but I think the rest of my time is free.
        Thanks for the head’s up.

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  3. Ah, thank you so kindly for the blog-plug, Tosha, as well as promoting tomorrow’s podcast (my first ever!). I’m checking out all of the links provided here — many thanks. It’s a wonderful thing you and Niles do, hosting this show and featuring the work of others — good karma shall rebound to you both amply! On a sad note, I thank you for featuring Glenn Frey today — a nice tribute.

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  4. Hey Tosh, thanks for linking all these inspiring blogs! Since Im such a newbie, what time are you doing your podcast in what time zone (I live in Abu Dhabi)? I’d love to catch it.

    Oh and 2016 has seen so much lost in the music idustry, truly regreful but Glenn and David had done their jobs and has left their marks.

    And thank you for always liking my posts, it really boosts my confidence. Since you’re a musician, and you liked my Skinny Love post, I hope you’ll do a rendition of your own!!! 😊


    May J

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  5. Howdy!
    Good luck with the podcast!
    A great idea and wonderful of you to highlight folk.
    Another sad day. Another artist gone.
    There are others out there, like the ones we’ve lost, who do it for love and not the fame, yet still sad to see the giants leave the party too soon.
    All the best,

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      1. Damn! Just Re-read your post and had earlier mixed up a reply where you had said 11pm and thought your podcast was on then. I’m going to see if I can get on now!!

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  6. Tosha, I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast today, fun and informative. You and Niles are wonderful together, Tucker too! It was really terrific to hear everyone’s voice, adding another layer to the blog world. Thank you for posting the link! ~ Mia

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      1. Thank you and thank you Tosha! You are far too kind, you know I’m just an accidental tourist here on WordPress *laughing*! I got off the train for some real coffee and it left the station without me! LOL!

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  7. Hello I am listening to your post from yesterday and I am somewhat different from those writing, which always surprises me. I heard 2 of 3 talking about getting inspiration. I am similar and then run with it. Where you mentioned having a write whatever and it scares someone I had to make a disclaimer as I had ppl afraid. I have been through many things and I will go dark, real dark and switch back and forth. I used to write 4-8 posts fast and since have slowed down to let people catch up. i enjoyed hearing your show. It is sort of like hearing 3 of my personalities. I wrote a few 1-3k word posts and on several subjects. I like that I have caught your eye and ear. I do what I can on WP and having several people I am in awe of elevating me makes it to where I reach out and get more richer posts and I also do just a training post, a post where I am silly and if I have challenged. I literally do not write less than 15 posts daily and sometimes I am extremely quick. I enjoy it. I keep adding to my stylings and I enjoy having anyone to see what I write and with the exception where I write a block read in the AM is me getting a lot of following and I am happy with it. I will go on and keep expanding.:)

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      1. You are welcome. I do not know how often you broadcast and at what times. I obviously figured out that you are in LA. I write a lot. I would not be opposed to calling in, I did see a number and I would hate to call in when you are off the air.:) I am glad that someone as experienced as you can read me changing styles as push button and I never wrote anything with a strict form before late September. Plus I have done unique doubles, then did my first combo poem a couple of days ago. I like being unpredictable and I am honored to have you liking my writings:):):)

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      2. Hello I did send an email just now as you suggested. I would look forward to hearing back from you and having a show date and time. I will make sure I am prepared:)

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