Apathy is the new compassion


Because if you are a human being,
you should try it at least once in your life,
assuming you’re already in that delinquent minority
of people who actually give a damn.

In which case it is imperative that you deny your nature.
Pay no mind to the wounded, those hurting, those living
in poverty, those abused and degraded

Your conscience might try to entice you
into fighting these wars.
Don’t be tempted to be a regime of change.
Be the most pathetic of apathetic.
Be an emphatic sack of nothing.
Become fish like with your feelings.
Let summer revolve solely around you.
Become Dionysius favorite daughter.
Affix yourself to a incubus of

Don’t have eyes that see and are able
to to derive a lesson from a flaw.
Don’t have ears that are able
to discern a cry for help
from a sports match on TV.
Don’t let your skin be alive with compassion.
Don’t feel sick in the bones
for all the horror in the world.

Let your indifference be museum quality.
Mona Lisa with a bottle of gin
and a party dress on.
Let your own selfishness uproot your veins.
Parade down the street and cheer yourself on,
while a homeless man begs for money or change.

This is how you do it. You have no time
for extreme emotions. No truths. No news.
Drink your tea, and steep yourself
into a stupor.

Sleep for years without a map.
Waste your life drooling and snoring.
The planet will spin on.
Who needs to feel the sun, the rain?
Dream toward less.

You can wake up when you’re dead.
Just don’t expect anybody
to look for you in the dark.

Don’t be surprised if your left stunned,
spinning, alone.

This is just one of the ways it could go,
if you take my advice.
I hope you can tell me another.

-Tosha Michelle


71 thoughts on “Apathy is the new compassion

  1. Here’s to those who are incapable of what is described here. It is a painful road to see the broken parts of the world, and even more painful to want to do something about it. All my best, Tosha.

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  2. Love it! It makes me think of several persons I could apply this too who would have already taken your advice. Their motto is that what the eyes do not see the heart does not feel. I have frequented several in the circles I evolved in as a private banker before. I have to admit it can sometimes become nauseating the lack of humanity and the egocentrically reduced vision. Great write as usual Tosha!

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  3. Apathy is all around us but thankfully there is empathy shining through, just like in this piece…i love how you champion empathy through your handling of apathy… clever and brilliant- it’s reverse psychology at its finest πŸ˜€

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  4. Unfortunately there are way too many people like this out there. I think my favorite line has to be:
    ‘Drink your tea, and steep yourself into a stupor.’

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  5. If there was ever an indictment against humanity as a whole, I’ve read it hear. Unfortunately, it’s mostly true. The few who try so hard to realize change are absorbed into the apathetic collective known as society.

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  6. Surprising deja vu. This morning I was watching this 4 Non Blondes video while I was sorting out my plan for the day. A bit of soulful inspiration.

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