Shadows of Death


The shadow of my dead
grandfather cast itself
in my dreams some

I see his silhouette
walking down a deserted road.
I follow him for hours. Every
time I quicken my pace to
catch up, he quicken his

There’s always a
ending but never a beginning.
Time refuses to fold back
Translucence wanders endlessly.
Papa’s the light darting through
my eyes.

I wonder if the dead remember?
Maybe in my dream I’m
looking for a clue that they
haven’t forgotten us,
that’s there truly is a spiral staircase to a better place.

Papa keeps moving
The bones stay quiet.
The ash refuses to speak
The moon gives me the dead eye.
What a thing to be so close
but hear no words

The night dissolves.
A squawk of a crow wakes me
My sadness steals the sun.
For now my question
remains unanswered.

-Tosha Michelle


32 thoughts on “Shadows of Death

      1. I know. Love ya. I didn’t mean to post this tonight. I was trying to schedule it for Wed. Grrr. Anyway, this cold is hitting me full force. Off to bed. Thank you for commenting. I hope we both get to see our grandfathers again one day.

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  1. First let me say “bravo!” I lost my paternal grandmother 4 years ago. I can totally identify with your words. It seemed that all of the questions I had wanted to ask her over the years, but never picked up the phone to call her in that moment. Came crashing on top of my head soon after she passed. And it just felt like even if I learned everything I could there would still be her part missing.

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  2. As a person who lost his grandmother last month, this truly resonated with me. I think that staircase does exist, at least I’m hoping that it does. Beautiful post, Tosha!

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