An Apprentice of Sadness


If you listen to the language of sadness,
you know it has much
to teach us.

There’s dignity in the monochrome
Sanctity in darkness, in the pulse
of quiet, in the rut to be dug out of
Sadness can be a type of burning bush,
the X on a map.
It can make the unknown, knowable.

It can help us unfold
It can rip away our untruths, like
paint torn off a congealed can,
taking skin with it.

Sadness can then suture that skin
back together.

It can birth art, music, poetry.
I write proudly with my back ink.
I take solace in words,
even the ones written in water

I choose to write my difficulties,
my grinding realities.
The fantasies under which I labor.

I write to remember-my rain of tears.
How cathartic it is when the downpour
renders everything lush and green.

Enlivening the colorful sensations of hope

I am a student of sadness so
I can become a teacher of light

-Tosha Michelle


45 thoughts on “An Apprentice of Sadness

    1. I can relate. I’ve battled depresion on and off for years. Being raised a proper Southern Belle, I ignored it and camouflaged it with humor and perkiness. Underneath that facade thought was a world of hurt. These days, I embrace the sadness. In doing so, I find peace. Of course, a dose of Wellbutrin doesn’t hurt either. πŸ™‚ xx


  1. Tosha, another gem. I loved this. The last two lines were magical. I mentioned you in my post today named Lonely Author Stocking Stuffers. I hope you don’t mind. But a talented person like you needs to be introduced to the world. My apologies if this offends you in any way. Have a great day.

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      1. Btw I meant to leave this comment on your other post with the Souncloud song recording. Such are the difficulties of using one’s smartphone.

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