If I Were King of The World


This isn’t my most eloquent poem. I’m aware. My silly and playful side needs an outlet, too. For now, I’ve locked angst in the closet.

If I were king of the
world. For this poem
let’s suppose that
this is a thing.

I would never lose
touch with the details.
I would answer all
your calls.

I would be a regular
at the Starbucks you
hang out in.

There would be laugher
in thunder. I wouldn’t
pretend to be bigger
than you.

Salvation would be
found in art and folly.

The mourning doves
would learn jazz and
how to wing it.

The livable life would
be embraced. Slow on
recliners and TV viewing.

Everyone would have
a place at my table.
I would dispense milk
and clothes, but never
unsolicited advice.

Good sex and good
manners would be

Love would come
without conditions.
I would lay my kisses
on imperfections
and celebrate the
different and strange.

I would do my best to
catch hearts falling
from pine trees.

Everyone would be
required to read Henry
Miller and Fitzgerald.

The Karxashians and E
would be banned to their
own island. Egos and
ignorance too.

Like any king, I would
contradict myself, but
mostly, with humor and
nonsensical poetry.

Water would be
plentiful. Wine too.

I wouldn’t take away
all your burden, some
are needed. How flimsy
our characters would be
without them.

Earth would be spun
in hope. There would
be 7 days of fun. The
8th day, chocolate.

Instead of a robe
and crown, I would
wear yoga pants
and a T-shirt with
James Purefoy face
on it. Everyone would
know who James
Purefoy is.

Words would live in
evey home. Love
would hang out in
the kitchen.

The inner world would
would trump the outer,
which reminds me,
there would be no
Donald Trump.

-Tosha Michelle



35 thoughts on “If I Were King of The World

  1. I’ll take a knee to you, any day, My Liege!!!

    Omg: Can you implement…just this one?
    Everyone would be
    required to read Henry
    Miller and Fitzgerald.
    This was great, Tosha! love all of it. All my best! xo

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved this one. I think we all need to let go and have fun with poetry too. There are too many poets who take themselves too seriously all cloaked in heights and sadness. It’s good to be funky like your poem is šŸ™‚
    Between you and me I think many of the propositions are actually “seriously” good šŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes we definitely do. It’s easier to write sadness than it is to write humour for poets. You do both well which is laudable per se but the singing is the cherry on the cake šŸ˜€


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