Little Boy Blue and Mary Quite Contrary


Dear Past,

It’s been awhile. I come waving a
flag of peace and unarmed.
My arsenal is depleted.
I have no time for hate or malice
laced air.
I imagine like me
you want to live in peace without
the threat of guns and
claws. To awaken to the sound
of serenity, not bombs going off
in the distance.

I hope hearing from me doesn’t cause you pain.
Frankly, I miss you. Your theatrical ways,
always leaning toward a Shakespearean tragedy.
No time for much ado about nothing.
Although, everything had to be as you like it.
How you were
a master at parlor games and word play.
Your eyes a depletion
of fallen leaves and green tea.
Hair as dark as a grackle.
Arch so charming, fencing with
unseen stars. Little boy blue,
and Mary. Mary, oh, so contrary.
How our garden did grow.
Shells that pelted the ground,
causing wreckage and carnage.
It wasn’t all welts and hell.
There were days when light swelled
and sliver bells grew.

But i digress, as I climb a slide of memories,
backwards with slippery hands.
My legs lose traction,
my lungs clog with dust.

I end up on the ground negotiating
with my untapped toe.
Trying to reclaim the beat with
half recounted facts
and nostalgia’s false sense of rhythm.
Holding a few cards in the hand you deftly dealt me.
Beside me lies a map, marred
by revisions.
that reads let it go. Let it go.

I stand up, and realizes there’s a
tear in my heart, that I
mistook for my sleeve. I walk through the open gate,
ignoring the stained alleyways,
cobble stone,
and street lights shaped like a question marks.
The scent of orchids lingers in
the tired air.
My soul fighting off bees and
the counter winds.
You, dear past, will always sting.

-Tosha Michelle


58 thoughts on “Little Boy Blue and Mary Quite Contrary

  1. Oh so amazing. Wow, you really do string thoughts and emotions together like I do. This was such a wonderful creation of wishing for days of long gone.
    It’s a sentiment my work reflects quite often.
    Beautifully done, Tosha.

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      1. Wanted to tell you. Thanks for attaching that song to this piece. I looked up Lights on spotify and I’ve been listen to that album all day. Always cool to find new music. I really like it.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Truly. How uncouth! Ha. On the road, and on the go or I would expound on your crudeness. Another time, perhaps. Just repeat this in my absence “The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain”. God’s speed, young man. God’s speed.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Why on earth would I repeat something so incorrect?!
        It’s not “on the plain”,
        It’s “in the plane”!
        As in it never rains in Spain, but does on the plane journey over there! That’s why it’s such a fraught journey!
        How silly of you to think otherwise! Piffle head!

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