I think. I think too much.


I think. I think too much.

I’m chained to my brain’s chaos

My heart guarded but afraid.

Pain marred scars.

Tell stories of a sensitive soul

Lost in a high tide zone.

Battered by the currents of regret.

Burned by a scornful sun.

Thoughts swirl in endless motion.

Disturbing my equilibrium

Demons born on the waves of insecurities.

Hellions of a mind.

They reign, feeding on my weaknesses.

One day I hope to stage a rebellion.

Until then..

I remain a paragon of hypercritical introspection.


14 thoughts on “I think. I think too much.

  1. I was always told the same. Piffle.
    There’s nothing wrong with thinking, as long as it’s constructive. You, my lad, are definitely constructive.

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