Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.


Creativity is running amok. I find myself alternating between music., writing, and painting.The waves are crashing down on me hard. I may drown in a tide full of ideas, musical notes, and acrylics..My mind is a chaotic place full of tension. It never rest.and the bit** won’t shut up.  Creativity is my way of transforming the mess that is my brain into something beautiful;. I don’t always succeed, but I will forever try.

I’m currently in performance mode..

My cover of “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart”


4 thoughts on “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart.

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling when the juices are flowing, for sure. I am glad yours are and you’re kind enough to share with us. Lucky for you, you’ve got enough TALENT to match all that scorchin’ creativity and deliver what Bernard’s saying without saying! (that which was never were, that’s you, now!). Cheers ~


    1. thank you. I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying your poetry. it’s beautiful and thought provoking


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