On and Off


On and Off

This last year was like Gilbert Gottfried’s voice.
Annoying and hard to forget.
Well-meaning, I suppose
And quite a funny darling to some.
This last year was akin to reading Kant
Difficult to understand and once learned
Excessively demanding in its requirements.
No lesson comes without pain.
There’s renewal in regret.
I run away from self-loathing and apathy
into stirring truths and shameless living.
And a new year made up of only sexy, sassy things.

-Tosha Michelle


Random song. This takes me back to London and the O2 The year-2009. There’s a story there. Next time.







It’s OK if in 2014…

Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t get any deeper than conditioner . …If Pier One Imports is your happy place. ..to secretly crave Godiva chocolate, horde Godiva chocolates and hide Godiva chocolates from your family’s grubby little hands (They’re mine I tell you. MINE) …if you read Fifty Shades of Grey and liked it. (I mean I didn’t of course, but if you did it’s OK..No shame. ;)) …If you secretly long to be a warrior princess but are more of a nerdy chick who gets lost in her own head and parking lots …to be a little freaked out by escalators. (Escalaphobia is real, people. Down with judgment …up with awareness.. down with misconceptions…up with facts…is anyone else dizzy?) …It’s also OK to love without conditions …to dream without limitations … to hope without expectations and to live without fear.

(It’s not OK to shorten words into monosyllables…I mean that’s  just cray, bae..kay?)