“I got a new life, you would hardly recognize me”

The last post was a bit heavy. Something lighter for a Friday. Blouse by Zara. I should buy stock, their clothes males up half my closet these days. Lipstick by Urban Decay. Giving red lips a try, and back to a darker shade of blonde. 


Have a wonderful weekend. In museum and antique shopping  mode here.with my ride or die (as the kids say) And that’s the tea, sis. Haha! Will also be working on my latest poetry book. It should be out this summer. I would like to donor any profits made to the National Center fot Missing and Exploited Children. 

And now a song of the day.

“I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign/  Life is demanding without understanding/ I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign/  No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong.”



They say time will tell,
but does it?

Why then
are we always asking?

It doesn’t even have a face,
just two hands that only
meet twice a day.

Why do we focus so
much on its passing?

We can’t change it.
Yet, we still seek answers.
Constantly questioning
leading to more of it lost.

We forget that time and
all its duplicity belongs
to us.

Time matters?
Only if wasted.

-Tosha Michelle

Valentines, Cupid, Judge Judy, and A Poem.

Oh and flowers, candy, kittens, and the newest Kindle. Reading is fundamental. 😍Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful ones. Don’t you roll your eyes at me! 😜  Whether you’re single or in a committed relationship, today can be a wonderful time not only to celebrate the love of your life, but also the love IN your life. Love is beautiful in all its forms. You might also want to remember how truly special you are. Shoot yourself with a bow of self love, not literally of course. “But your honor, she told me too” 😙

Before this turns into Judge Judy, here’s a new poem of mine. But first Tucker has a message for you all.​

​Wishing you all the love that you can handle, and chocolate too.❤️

Sometimes love finds us
where there’s history,
in a tapestry that refuses
to be worn away.
Proving that nothing truly
loved is forgotten.
Here you can rest for days
and leave the map.
The sullen iciness of days
misspent, replaced by the
warmth of the sun’s gaze.
Hearts touched by the
grace of transparency.
Standing on soulful, solid
ground, grateful for the earth,
and the tenderness it returns.
Knowing nothing is endless,
all beginnings end, but
solace is found in each moment,
loved and loving.

-Tosha Michelle

Eyes Wide Open 

My eye has almost healed. Yay! Still a little red but looking  straighter. The final alignment takes a few months. Will update with another photo then. 

 Enough of me and my eye journey. I did want to share because this is huge for me, especially since it improved my vision a bit.  Now here’s some music to get our Sunday off to a tuneful start  Lots of love❤️  -Tosha 

Life’s Afternoons

Life’s afternoons pass quickly
The buzz. The bark. The lilies.
Take notices of these things.
Eat the pear. Find meaning in the sea, the clouds, the elms.
Listen to the song of the birds,
the solitaires, the chamber music of the air.
Know sometimes the sky will
darken, but eventually the overcast grey will lighten.

Take the long way home.
Crown yourself with constellations.
Lounge under the grand oak.
Don’t be afraid to walk toward
the cliff’s edge.
If you fall. Find the lesson in
a halo broken.

Bend close to the curves of ears of those you love, tell them how much you care. If words dissolve on your tongue,
give them the warmth of your arms instead.

Believe in the call notes of
your heart. Store up the
soul’s rubies and sapphires.
Drink up all the moonlight
you can.
Be more than just a stray wind.
While you’re alive, live
have faith in the possibilities,
the thorns, the rosehip, and
the ever changing pitch of
afternoons well spent.

-Tosha Michelle

Update and A Poem

Pretty in pink.

Eye surgery went well.  I’m still in some pain, and finding it hard to open my left eye. This will pass, tons of brushing and redness. I’m definitely in grumpy patient mode, but thrilled to have it behind me. I’m looking you in the eyes with my head up, shoulders back and giving you my best Grace Kelly pose. Okay, well, I will be in a few weeks.  I have a feeling the surgery is going to be life-changing in that I won’t have to be self-conscious any more and always trying to hide my left eye. It’s something that has really hindered my social interactions over the years. Now if my doctor could just give me 2020 vision. Ha! He did say maybe one day. Here’s a poem I wrote during my dark period that I never got around to posting. Hope you enjoy. xoxo

Infinity the only place
where parallel lines meet.
Somewhere between what
was and what is yet to be.
But far away from a place
where recriminations and
the sharp tongue of reality
scuff their toes on promises
unfulfilled and broken.

In this space the sun has no
nemesis, just an early version
of what will be, one they can’t
see. Still believing in the
alignment of stars and light years.
No acknowledgement of how
time can carry weight.
Or how minds can change.
Some soulmates aren’t meant
to be life mates

Soon enough the real plane
intervenes with a mouth full
of truth. Parallel lines aren’t
meant to intersect in any other
place but infinity.
The universe and geometry
reiterate this refrain.

-Tosha Michelle

Such a great tune and lyrics 

Why Don’t We…

Let’s stay inside today
under the warmth of
bedcovers and drown
in the soft syllables
of the sun coming in
through the window.

The sky making its own
music in this joyful place
between wake and sleep.
Let’s pay no mind to
the larger hand of the clock
or technological distractions.

Here there’s no room for
catastrophic thoughts or
the kingdom of to do lists.
Let’s take a break from
amplified news and a
world constantly
swallowing salt.

Stay with me, in our
wozen cocoon of arns
and blankets where the
membranes of our dreams
are sliced into serenity.
Here in our own nest of
slumber and verve, where
contentment is consigned
to two.

-Tosha Michelle

On a non poetry note for any of you ladies who lile shopping and clothes as much as I do, I recently discovered an online consignment shop that has like new name brand clothes for really wonderful prices.  You can also sale your stuff there. The site is called thredup.com.  Here’s a sample of the savings taken from my cart.  The have brands from all over the world. I especially like Zara’s. Very cool items.