And it went like this:
You gave me flowers,
I wanted a garden instead.
You cooked me spaghetti,
I was too hungry to eat.
There was sauce on your shirt
from your labor.
The untouched plate
was the sky. The sky was
a blessing unnoticed.
I wanted to be your center,
your four-leaf clover,
the wishbone split.
But even though I came
to you with open hands,
I didn’t know it then, but
the emptiness wasn’t
yours to fill.
Then everything wasn’t enough.
Now I sow regret into a dress
of deep blue and remember
when you offered me needle
and thread. You tried to stitch
me a pocket of self esteem.
I tore the stitch into.
The tear became the lesson.
Now I long to open my lips
and breath you in,
to hold you without
chains or cheap a cliché
Knowing now that enough
was everything.

-Tosha Michelle




I’d love anyone and everyone
not to love him by comparison.


The hairy guy at the gym who always calls me sweetie.

The woman with purple hair who works at the supermarket

I have worn out words and welcomes. I’ve praised the mundane.
Joked about the sacred. Showed my scars. Bared my sadness.
Allowed myself to be autopsy by pen.

For my next chapter, I must jump in shark infested water
for some new material. Perhaps, find another precious
toxin to ingest.

You can’t unlove certain ideas
no matter how much you try to
write them away. No matter how ridiculous.
There he is again, my unloved one, my unloved only.

-Tosha Michelle

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