I Can’t Hear You.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of keeping company with anxiety, perpetuated by a relentless virus and the dwindling sanity coming out of Washington. The wind there cold and reeking of hubris and greed. Empathy becoming a supernatural thing.

Raise your hand if you’re losing your patience with narcissistic behavior and a culture more into canceling humans instead of reforming them, a society on the precipice of being nothing more than a hollow hulk.

Raise your hand if you’re done with the self absorbed and lack of regard for community. People happy to button their own coats but with no time to consider their neighbor’s thread bare wear.

Raise your hand if you’re tired of apathy, of those wrapped in a flannel sleep, Always content to let others shovel the coals.

Now instead of raising our hands, let raise our voices. Don’t wish for lungs that can sing. Sing! Step up! Be visible. Be heard. The dark blistering rain is not quite frozen yet. Prove that all the light did is far from done.

-Tosha Michelle


15 thoughts on “I Can’t Hear You.

  1. One of the best ways to raise our voices in these troubled times is with our writing, which is just what you did. Thanks so much for your post! Creativity, patience, sanity, core values will win out.

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      1. I know it is Tosha. I thin’ the phrase is bat-shi* crazy lol. Btwn racial issues, political correctness, the pandemic, related precautions we all have to take, people losing jobs or needed hours, and an economy that is moving towards depression, stores shutting down or closing many locations, issues related to isolation, and everyday life problems too. It’s scary, but we’ll get through it. I guess we just keep our chins up, put on our masks and face the world. What else can we do? Nice to read your poems again.Take care my friend.

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      2. Yeah, I think it’s about not giving up and trying to remain optimistic throughout it all. I’m blessed in many ways and thankful for what I have. I know you are too. It’s just sad to see the state of the world and how fragile life can be.

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  2. I think these times should provide a wake up call to what we deeply need as humans, to be connected and cared about and for and to stop rabid consumption that puts such a burden on nature and the planet.. these are things worth speaking up about..


  3. The pandemic will not really disappear without a vaccine, i sure hope that is affordable for everyone! My family are wearing mask too when going out to the public places. Our government has tighten the law to prevent things getting worse here!

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