Deity in Diversity


Maybe someday we will
have written about humanity
and grace so much
that the paper we scribble on
will burn down
the forest of hate
that grows in casket-closed minds,
eradicating words like
racism, hate, bigotry.

The fire cleansing away
evil and ignorance.
Strike a match with
your pen.

Let’s try at least to
direct the language toward love.
Let’s keep moving the
adjectives higher and higher.
Trust the verbs to lead us,
the pin of light, to the fire.

Maybe as the trees come undone,
leaves igniting,
branches bursting with truth,
charity and clarity will rise.
Rustling beneath skin.
Love rising, tapping deep.
Opening eyes and cleaning tongues
in the dialect of compassion.
Hope slipping into the core.
Porous and large.
Looking out in every direction
until it is inside the sky,
the rocks, the moon.
Lacing the night and hearts with promise,
the rainy season finally over.

Until then, let your pens sway
against the dark waves.
Let’s push our boats against the current.
Light the candle wick.
Kiss it with fervor.
Give flame to the wind and waves.

-Tosha Michelle

Photo, my own 


105 thoughts on “Deity in Diversity

      1. I don’t think it is naive. I think it is wonderful, moving and so beautifully penned. Your pen is already riding the waves and perhaps taming them a bit. I really loved all the feelings and the strength of this one xoxo.

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      2. I think we all tend to fluctuate like the ebb and tide of waters. Are we not composed in majority of that liquid? It would hardly be surprising then. I find your pen full of love and hope too πŸ™‚

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  1. A wonderful sentiment for humanity. I wish that I had the faith in my human brethren that we will strive for enlightenment and achieve the next level in human development. Until that time, we’re bound to the barbarism and ignorance of the past.

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  2. Directing the language towards love. ❀ that’s an awesome line, awesome Poetess. All your poems are amazing but each one will have these lines that jump out and grab me. Love your work, Tosha. All my best.

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  3. Moi is quite the photographer and poet…I raise my pen to you for sharing this inspirational write and hope that one day, all pens can unite to put an end to all the evil in the world. Beautiful, Tosha!

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    1. No. I’m a God. Ha! I can’t dance. (well) I have a lousy sense of direction. I get lost in parking lots Other than that, I’m pretty much the OK, well, I do tend to use outdated slang.. so there is that, jive turkey.

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      1. I apparently can dance, but I never do it seriously. I tend to throw myself about like I’m on fire.
        I think I have no direction, but, much to my mother’s annoyance, I have always found my way.
        Jive turkey should be brought back into use!
        Like hell bent buffoon!
        Actually I just made that up with hope that it will be in use one day. πŸ™ˆ

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    1. No. We have one tomorrow at 2. We’re interviewing an artist. I may not be on. I have an appointment. I didn’t realize there was a conflict in schedule until too late. I may get my friend Terry to fill in for me. I also need to send you a link to your show. I will do so soon.

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      1. I’m going to do an impression of you on the show. I’ve been watching your videos to get it down. Next week we interview one of my friends. She’s a photographer an actress. That’s on February 2nd at 2. Signed. Mini Mouse


  4. Wow, Tosha, this is incredible! I could almost feel the passion in your words, and I’m a hardened curmudgeon who only feels anything when he stubs his toe.

    Seriously though, we can help move society to a better place with our words; I was just talking to some kids about Uncle Tom’s Cabin today, which is a work of literature that helped to inspire positive change. Little be little, and with a few big jumps, we’ll get to a point where future generations look back on our present age and say, “How could those people ever be so horrible?”

    When current standards regarding race and other forms of social division seem unacceptable, that’ll be a good sign.


      1. Earlier today I was watching – or, rather, staring in disbelief – at an episode of Ancient Aliens. So I’m inclined to say that I’m an ape/extraterrestrial hybrid who was genetically engineered by an advanced race that’s helping the U.S. government to spy on all of us.


  5. Has been too long since I have visited your site Tosha, so many things have been so crazy and upside down in my life, but they are settling out finally in a right direction I think. What a wonderful way to dive back into the swet Tosha Michelle, love specially:

    “Hope slipping into the core.
    Porous and large.
    Looking out in every direction
    until it is inside the sky,
    he rocks, the moon.
    Lacing the night and hearts with promise,
    the rainy season finally over.’

    love the sounds, the fire’higher. the charity-clarity.
    the way it all ties up together. Hope you are well my friend! πŸ˜‰


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