Fire Escape

“Walking home your hand in mine
Tattoos on the river line
The morning birds are taking flight
Either way I thought that you should know

You’re my number one
You’re the reason I’m still
up at dawn
just to see your face
We’ll be going strong
with the vampires, baby
We belong, we belong awake


18 thoughts on “Fire Escape

      1. I only ate pumpkin bread and it sounds bar-time
        Children with escort and call us well sweet or otherwise gives sour, the ,, I had to hand bag full of sweets immediately, ,, they have thanked and further to the neighbor hauteur, It was beautiful I hope you have done it too. 💕dank.


      2. yes Tosha here in south of berlin is for many dorfe this amrikansches Hellwenn Parti take over, of course in all of germany, a wirtschschaflich win, thank you very much, wish you and your family peacefully wochenende,


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