Felines, Paul Hollywood, and Turning on the Red Light.

Hello y’all. Please scroll down and check out a cat in need of a home. As for the rest, just my latest YouTube nonsense. In the first video, Tucker takes on a starring role as I ponder Paul Hollywood’s midlife crisis. Mad props to our dear friends Jake and his lovely wife Ariana for getting us into The Great British Bake-off and all things Hollywood. I’d heard of the show but just never got around to watching it until now. We’re currently on the 3rd season and I feel inspired to baaaaakkke.

In the second video, I talk about the advantages of red light therapy for the skin and pain. Nothing earth shattering or life transforming in either video, unless you count the appearance of the greatest feline in the world.

Speaking of felines, we have another stray cat coming around that I’ve been feeding. I’d love to take him in, but we already have 3 cats that aren’t fond of their own kind. One who’s immune system is compromised from Feline HIV, one who is older and set in his ways and another who is a wild child to the core.

Anyway, a neighbor and yours truly are trying to find the little guy a home. If you know of anyone in North or South Carolina in need of some serious cuteness, this cat has it in spades. It’s the sweetest thing and looks no more than a year old if that.


22 thoughts on “Felines, Paul Hollywood, and Turning on the Red Light.

  1. I binged through the Great British Bake Off over the winter so I can relate to the baking craving! And it makes me want to buy a whole bunch of new kitchen tools too. 😃 I hope the kittie finds a good home. We’ve been caring for a stray since she was a kitten. She never got over her fear enough to some inside or let us touch her though… oh well, you do the best you can. 😸


    1. The show is so addicting, I think it’s great you’re looking after the stray, some cats just aren’t into being a house pet I guess. The one coming around our place is. He tries to follow me inside and loves to be petted. I hope we can find him a home. ❤️

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  2. Yes all cats are British is generally speaking, but many are indeed Russian – I once knew a Spanish cat, would only respond if dressed in Spanish, so I’m assuming he was Spanish speaking at least! 🙂


  3. I once suggested to someone at work the notion of Paul Hollywood in her kitchen, stripped to the waist leading dough – she said yes please! He gets first dibs on all women here 😉 XX


  4. I’d be comfortable in your skin, its better than mine! Hmm, that sounds a bit strange, ok, I’ll stay in my own skin and make the best of it, but yours is fabulous darling! I love your skin! ❤


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