Why Don’t We…

Let’s stay inside today
under the warmth of
bedcovers and drown
in the soft syllables
of the sun coming in
through the window.

The sky making its own
music in this joyful place
between wake and sleep.
Let’s pay no mind to
the larger hand of the clock
or technological distractions.

Here there’s no room for
catastrophic thoughts or
the kingdom of to do lists.
Let’s take a break from
amplified news and a
world constantly
swallowing salt.

Stay with me, in our
wozen cocoon of arns
and blankets where the
membranes of our dreams
are sliced into serenity.
Here in our own nest of
slumber and verve, where
contentment is consigned
to two.

-Tosha Michelle

On a non poetry note for any of you ladies who lile shopping and clothes as much as I do, I recently discovered an online consignment shop that has like new name brand clothes for really wonderful prices.  You can also sale your stuff there. The site is called thredup.com.  Here’s a sample of the savings taken from my cart.  The have brands from all over the world. I especially like Zara’s. Very cool items. 


19 thoughts on “Why Don’t We…

  1. I had to laugh when I saw your link to the online consignment store. I discovered it this past week & thought that sounds pretty neat. Although, I’m Canadian so still have to consider conversion rate and shipping fees etc. But for certain items, I think it’s definantly worth it!
    I had read in a few posts above about your eye correction surgery & I’m so happy you’ve been able to have it Tosha & recovered well. I’m sorry you had this condiction to deal w/ and limit your sight and make you feel anxious about your left eye. I’m happy you’re healing well and that these are things you can leave in the past. You are beautiful and such a lovely writer and smart women. I love reading about your life as much as your poetry. And I think blogs are never stagnant things, they change and grow, flow into whatever you need them to be as a writer. Take care of yourself 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It really touched me. I appreciate your kindness and compassionate heart. I’m so glad you like treadup. I love all the Zara stuff they have. I hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday. 💕💕💕

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      1. Thanks Tosha today was pretty good. Got a lot done & relaxed a bit too. Sometimes Monday feels more like my Sunday. Hope your day is peaceful as well. Cheers.

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