Stage Leaps

Renewal happens in stage leaps

and high dives.

Under the water waits another 

life, another world 

Listen to the keening of the day.

Spring always comes around again.

The sun doesn’t move but we can.

Don’t be afraid to shimmer 

to put on new skin.

Let your heart be hungry 

Knowing whatever you become

next will be better. 

Shed your claws, your regrets 

The air is brighter but the time

finite. Jump into the arms of 

the novel of your life while

there still time to live the story. 

-Tosha Michelle 


105 thoughts on “Stage Leaps

  1. Very nice and definitely we both could relate to. I am very in tune with this as a whole. Yet it may not be a possibility for me in a good way at the moment as I am sort of stuck. But I am stuck in limbo and being here is never bad:)

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      1. My pleasure. Mind you I spent late last night after 12 hours earlier to be left alone by a mod, who deleted all her comments and made me look horrible for several hours as I said like 26 hours prior to not continue commenting, she did and then went into blaming me and copying 100 other into the convo and I was judged all morning and afternoon. So, it has been a weird day and it certainly is better now:)

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      2. Well my uncle is texting me saying my little sister is getting info from the older one here that I am saying I am going to vegas and that my uncle is paying me 2000 a week and other stuff and he figures what I said about this guy prior is that my room is bugged but I have barely spoke about them

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      3. Well my older one is trying to sabotage everything. Her and her bf have repeatedly lied and said they do not read my blog, I can clearly see the skew in hits and I wrote a post I left up for 1 minute and it got one view and I took it down. It was weeks ago and it was them and they screen shot it, I baited them and they showed it to my younger sister and she forwarded it to my uncle, proving that they are in fact stalking my blog. It is sad

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      4. Thank you,
        It is gonna get worse. My sister supposedly said she was unsure about giving me the boot. I was not told when it happened, if it happened or if it was something one of the two ppl relaying it to each other and than me. Nobody is trustworthy. Last night my uncle foolishly let my younger sister charge his phone and we were bs ing and certain things came out, my younger forwarded them to herself and then the older one. She called police. But she was supposedly feeling bad, I have had to ride 30 miles in 100 degree heat, she did not feel bad about that. She cost me all of my night clients and I had to refund them as she made me unreliable as she would go shopping when I had to leave and did so for two years, costing me a good 60k. Then I got badly hurt and I am still dealing with it and things she has done to me now, recent history and prior all says this is the same person and unless she is or was planning to dump the guy pulling the strings I am not buying her recent oh my I do not want to do that to him. with all their name calling and stalking. They subscribed and got a 1 minute live post and copied it, I used it as bait to catch them spying and they played the card last night. Now if ever confronted it is on my phone, oh you said you do not read my blog but have hundreds of screen shots? Plus my sisters husband, who she talks horribly about him and his entire family, similar to any of my friends, is pissed at me. Because I am ignoring her and not going to put up with her bs

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      5. Not fun. Sadly enough I was brought up to always put family first, give benefit of the doubt and to be the bigger person and I did. The problem, they took advantage and I made mistakes and would have others say speak up, defend yourself, etc. Even as they would be a culprit but she has always been mean spirited and always her own biggest fan and belittles everything I ever achieved as it does not apply now, mind you our whole lives. I am choosing not accept the new info as it may be false, a trap as they have tried to catch me off guard too many times to have her actions the last 8 months to go unforgiven and not taken as anything besides being true. Now I can’t trust anyone, which is fine and I have a good 100 convos over the years of them plotting against me and her husband and threats of her bf having guns and tasers that look like a cell phone and she has left it out next to her phone, so I know they both have them.

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      6. Yep, absatively:)
        IDK how or what day I plan to leave but I am leaving like 90% of what I have. Can’t take it or ship it, been trying to sell things for months.

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      7. Thank you, I have to see the when and where of it next week as I do have to go a couple of places before doing anything else. I might just walk South. Well I would try biking and have to ditch the bike. LOL

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      8. I mentioned similar to a friend not from the US originally and I said I was gonna do a Bill Bixby and then said Bruce Banner and said you may not get the reference as she is very selective about movies but sure knew The Avengers, LOL. I could go to the dollar store and but a whole bunch of red and blue large handkerchiefs and walk with a 15 pound steel bar instead of a branch and get some denim and construction boots:)

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      9. Well that happened a night and a half ago. I begged to not be talked down by a mod and she would not stop and after 10 posts and me asking to leave me alone, she copied it to 100 members when I called her bitchy. Her bs site gets 1 post a day and she begs me to post and changes the rules daily. I went over her head and finally got taken off the convo and I actually grabbed 5 new viewers here due to it. But yea I expect to get hit with a smart phone looking taser, so I have a half gallon of water I have at my foot of the bed and if I get a nasty person there will be water flung while opening a door, oopsie…LOL

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  2. So inspiring Tosha. I like “put on a new skin” you don’t have to be who you are if you don’t want to be them. You can grow and thrive, “Jump into the times of the novel of your life” I adore this line. A warning and a inspiration for other writers, don’t stay behind the computer or iPad, go out and live, experience your own story. Love this poem so much πŸ™‚

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  3. This is a wondrous write. And with so few precise words executed, every word has value, weight in expression, so this line whether human error or computer glitch,

    Umder’ the water waits another’…

    Take another look at that. πŸ˜‰

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      1. No worries, as I said before, with such am emotional piece, such persuasive writing, every word (spelling) execution counts. Even the big-wig writers, world-wide make mistakes too. πŸ˜‰

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  4. wow, you really know what to say to a upper middle-aged non-transitioned transgender girl to get her to get going with it… put on new skin… jump… while there is still time left to tell the story. Is there any way I can just skip to the end? (just kidding). So beautiful, so true. thank you.

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      1. It is, walking in sunshine and shade just now, trying some tiny stage leaps. Glad you liked meeting my friend the fallen tree. 😌 Means a lot coming from you.

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  5. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    Love this poem. And there’s an amazing song to go with it! πŸ˜‰
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel β€œSecrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too.
    You can watch it on YouTube or go to my home page:

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