Catch and Release 

Happiness begins in summer air
when we lift our hands,
ink stained from editing a life
in need of revisions and
vision, a mid eve dream
reformed. Reborn.

Where we find comfort
in the stormy eye of
new beginnings,
in trying again
but this time in today.
Ready to risk, to breathe
to pick the window seat,
to upgrade to first class,
to meet the stranger’s gaze,
not caring if it’s a four leaf clover
or a curse.

Mistakes and Nirvana
flickering in from the West.

Happiness begins when we
finally learn to rearrange the whys
and start believing in the how,
even if we come up short,
even if we fail.
Knowing it’s all in the
catch and release anyhow.

-Tosha Michelle


48 thoughts on “Catch and Release 

  1. Love this one Tosha. Sitting up and taking notice and living in the moment. It’s a worthy goal and simplistic way of living I think. Good to plan but too much, take life a day at a time. Beautiful words as usual 🙂

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      1. You’re paying way more attention than I am. I keep hoping that we will find some sort of middle ground. I don’t understand why people are unfriending people they’ve known forever because they think differently about politics, religion or whatever. I think we, as a people, are missing the point of why we’re not British (wearing trench coats & all that rot….☔️).

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      2. Haha! I hear you, mate 😊. I try and stay away from politics on Facebook but these days I just try to stay away from Facebook period. On Twitter, I tend to be more political but no one pays attention. It’s a good place to vent and get away with it.


  2. So true. A moment of joy swims away, our hands no longer grasping, it slides from our offering hands, saddened by its departure, there is solace to know that moment lives, rather than dying imprisoned in our selfish heart. At least we know we float in the same ocean and and can wait for the next moment to drift our way. (I hope it’s not a SHARK!!! 🦈). Hehe. Ok ignore the shark bit, the other stuff is true, Lovely bits of soul here Tosha, thanks.

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