On Friendship


Dedicated to Jane and Niles.

On days that should be remembered for
their cold rain, because of you all I see
is the sun breaking through.

You wrap me in a wool coat
and we wander through years of experience-
heartache, loss, hearty elms
and wilted vines.

Our friendship knotted with the binding
thread work of love.

We are the roses on the vines

Always pausing as another
flower is cut from our lives.

Knowing in the end none
of us is spared.

We walk on hand in hand.
The light of day disperses.

The light of our friendship
never shutters, never wavers.

The tint of the years fades details.

Age will eventually tint the nuances
but time can’t touch our souls.

Our heart won’t forget.

Thank you for always being
the one constant sky
I have prayed for.

-Tosha Michelle
Listen to You ve Got a Friend2 by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


66 thoughts on “On Friendship

  1. Why was I mentioned second in the recording hahahah… you know I loved you, Toshie Washie. The feeling is mutual. I will always be here for you, too xoxo… oh, and shut up Tucker

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  2. The truest treasures of wealth.
    A shared trust of an uncommon love.
    Fallen tears are ties that bind.
    Ease the fears, for peace of mind.
    A wonder to read. β™‘

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  3. That’s a lovely poem to friends.
    Pity I can’t like anything on here, as WordPress is being a sweaty, great tosspot again!!

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      1. Trust me. I wish everyday I had a true friend who will be there for me all the time. Someone I can trust and count on. Unfortunately, people today prefer to hang out with trendy people who are popular or hipster. 😦

        I’m happy for you and glad you have that someone who is loyal to you and the friendship has meaning.

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      2. Yes, I wish everyone on WordPress could all meet each other in real life and have a real communication connection and stick together and talk about poetry and life. But, we all live far apart and have our own lives to attend.

        Seriously though, WordPress is the best and all you guys mean so much to me and everyone here is my second family. πŸ™‚

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      3. Really? Bloggers bash?? Never heard of it before. Wait!?…oh! that’s cool. Bloggers bash all writers get together from all over the world huh? That is awesome! Sorry, I had to look it up and saw what it meant. hahahaha!!!

        Yes, I agree they should have one here in America. That would be my wish and a dream come true. πŸ™‚

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