Delicate Decadence 

Poetry never visits me

dressed in lace

Sipping a colorful drink

Singing and swaying

to a happy tune.

Instead, poetry likes to weep

in my ear, turned out

in black with a bottle

of scotch

Miles Davis on replay.

There’s happiness in me

to be written, to be lived.

I’m never as melancholy

as my writing would suggest.

Joy is just waiting to be

unfolded like a love

note hidden in dresser

buried under layers of clothes.

One day I’ll give into

nostalgia and find solace

in the lyrical prose.

It’s just there so much art and beauty

in the exquisite feeling of

sadnes. My strictured soul

finds solace in its untamed

sweetness. Its bluesey notes

lnown to me, heard by me,

sung by me, felt by me.

The delicate decadence

-Tosha Michelle


47 thoughts on “Delicate Decadence 

  1. All this time I thought poetry and you were room mates.

    Another amazing write by the Queen herself. Wishing I read this with a sweet tea and some popcorn.

    Thanks for throwing us such lovely crumbs. We do need to hear from you every so often. Have a good one.

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  2. Sweet scribe, it’s the words that ache that resonate the most. But I find a nice dose of love poetry sits well in my oeuvres! A see saw indeed, as I rush from one end to the other. Tears to bliss. Exhausting…fulfilling. Sweet day to you beautiful! ❤

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  3. He has the right voice for this song. Such a perfect fit. Catchy chorus. Your first line really grabbed me. Poetry does grab you. But you do more than anyone things to catch it.


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