Bird Of Prey

One day, which day
she couldn’t say.
Her love for him
fell asleep in the sun,
never to wake back up.
Little dramas played
out too long, unfolded
into nothingness.
Her image of him deluded
by devotion misplaced.

The reality of his form
shallow, shallow
she laid down
Sometimes there’s
no getting around the
gun in your mouth
or the aftermath.
The brokenness in the
throat, the dying of
what’s left of the light.
No longer content to
try and resuscitate
what might have been.

Faith is faith only until
it shatters. His offering,
those of a barnyard cat
never the heart of it,
only the remains.

-Tosha Michelle


41 thoughts on “Bird Of Prey

  1. ‘Sometimes there’s no getting around the gun in your mouth’. Ain’t that the truth!

    Not listened to Daytripper in years. I forgot how good it was.

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  2. I just love it when the first thing I read in the morning is so beautifully written. Thanks Tosha… for brightening my morning. Such emotion… so poetically expressed.
    Have a beautiful day, Tosha

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      1. My poetry book will be released soon… reminded me of this one:
        At first you were nothing to me—
        And now you are nothing again . . .
        But, oh the pain in my heart—
        I know what might have been.

        Might consider exchanging reviews?

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  3. Intense, you can feel the pain in this and the references to ending the relationship like a suicide. Makes it scary and shows the hurt and how she has stopped feeling. Doesn’t care, wants the relationships to end for his gifts, especially at the end, never offer life, but are like those of “the barn yard cat” dead scraps.
    Totally feeling this one, intense for sure. Awesome job!

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  4. Oh the unfolding into nothingness: how can passion dissolve until the concentration is negligible. It’s a punch to the gut this one, but a swift one so I’ll get over it. The tree image is fabulous btw, I’m a naked branch against the sky enthusiast 😊

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