The Awakening 

No longer content with the
winter life and its flannel
sleep. Self and it’s terms
finally meet

She wipes away
the frost from her soul
And sees spring illuminated
beyond the cold.
Sunlight the trinket she’s
always possesed
misplaced for awhile
shine from within.
Her sepia world
long deprived of green
become vibrant and
alive again.

She walks away in blue
with plenty of heart
by the light of her own
eyes, no longer needing
to find it in another.
The view defined by her,
and her alone.

-Tosha Michelle


36 thoughts on “The Awakening 

  1. Yes! I ❤it! So vivid and crisp. As well reaching the point in a life where peace of mind, comes in stay.
    I’m set to record a Chet Baker movie” Born to Be Blue” tonight.😉💙

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  2. Hi! I feature work from fellow writers over at my blog Between the Lines. This month’s theme is ‘Awakening’ and I’d love to include your poem! May I reblog this?

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  3. Reblogged this on Between the Lines and commented:
    We’re a week into January and our ‘Awakening’ theme. Our first feature is a poem by Tosha Michelle. I particularly like the deeper meaning in this one. Keep looking forward because even during the darkest hours, there’s always a light waiting at the end. Even if you can’t see it yet.

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