Angst in Verse


cropped-wp-1465485078962.jpgMy poetry knows how to
sing the blues.
It finds rhythm in lost loves,
an empty room, a whiskey shot.
It’s cadence of roving eyes
a wallet devoid of
cash. the desire to stay.
The need to go.
Misery flows from lyrics
that refuse to let it fold.

My poetry channels
Ella Fitzgerald and
dissonant chords of a broken

It thrives on restless things and memories
that come to life in a song

Moaning the words so fervently, the ink drips
to save me, even when I’m out of tune.
And I can only glimpse
where I’ve been, not where I’m going.
The want for new history
and a new song spurs the poet on.

-Tosha Michelle


And on a u related and happy note. I am in love with this song. It takes me to a serene place.



36 thoughts on “Angst in Verse

  1. Another beautiful and thoughtful piece Tosha. Poetry and music share so much, it makes sense you find inspired by it. Some of the best music has such beautiful poetry for words. Love your song too! Very inspiring.

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