There’s a place
reserved just for him.
It’s not hidden.
No other bodies lie there.
A feeling-
bare walls.
Open door.
I think his eyes made it.
I say what I intend to say,
to say this affection, affectionately
not affected is true,
this sayable place that
is his.

-Tosha Michelle

and on and unrelated note
my cover of John Lengend’s “All Of Me”


28 thoughts on “His

  1. The poem was very beautiful. But I wanted to listen to your all of me cover. Unfortunately, the link couldn’t take me to the right place. But have you covered any Justin Bieber song? I would love to hear it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Links always work. I got the song cover. Fabulously sung. Without any instruments too, it sounded sweet. Sweet voice is what you have. I’m a belieber and I simply love this song. I have heard many of the covers of love yourself. And I won’t be surprised, if your cover features in the top 10 best covers of this song. ( given that instruments weren’t used and yet it sounded sweet) you seem to be a mighty talented singer and poet. Keep up to it. And I’ll definitely be visiting your blog to read more, as soon as I get time.

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