It feels safe to reside inside poetry. It’s my escape route.
Real and imagined.
Here I can live multiple lives
My feelings are diverse, if I tire of one emotion, there’s always another close as the ink on my hand.
Poetry holds my heart, and understands like water, I’m perpetually in transition. My words take on many forms. Some are steeped in reality. Others, solely fantasy, perhaps, live perceived in a parallel universe.

My soul never grows static in verse. My poet self, helps me gain confidence to live life as my real self, to have the courage to balance monotony and forgive the world its drudgery.

-Tosha Michelle 


84 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Always thank you very much.
    Thank you for the photos of wonderful fallen leaves.
    I entered the poem by Remy de Gourmont during my college days.
    The memories are very wonderful.
    PS;Remy de Gourmont, nΓ© au manoir de la Motte Γ  Bazoches-au-Houlme, prΓ¨s d’Argentan (Orne), le 4 avril 1858 et mort Γ  Paris le 27 septembre 1915 (Γ  57 ans), est un Γ©crivain franΓ§ais, Γ  la fois romancier, journaliste et critique d’art, proche des symbolistes.

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  2. What an awesome piece, I’m sure many poets would say that’s exactly it. I certainly feel lighter and happy after having written another wee poem! and laid out as poem, with all the necessary rhythms and cool sounds, and some interesting metaphors. I love the last line particularly “to have the courage to balance monotony and forgive the world its drudgery. Mm, yes! πŸ™‚

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