Some Years 

Some years we peel
open like a fruit.
This year an orange.
We devour the nectar
or, feeling badly for the
naked fruit, we handle
it with care.

Other years are fruitless.
We search through our
refrigerators until we find
a carton of large white.
Cracking the years open
like an egg, until the yolk
break, running through our
fingers and onto time.

-Tosha Michelle 


31 thoughts on “Some Years 

  1. Lovely metaphoric imagery. I think some years are fruitful and have much to give in life to be thNkful for. Other years we’re like that cracked egg, delicate and cracked, too easily hurt by bad things that happen. Great poem!

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    1. Thank you. As for writer’s block, that’s a tough one. I guess the main thing is not to obsess over it and to do things that inspire your creativity, like reading, taking a walk, listening to music also helps to write every day even if you don’t post it or particularly like what you are writing. Having a routine has always been a benefit to me. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten out of it over the last couple of months just because I’ve been so busy. It’s been detrimental to my creative output. Anyway, I hope I’ve helped a little bit

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