Alternate Endings

I always shut the door on the past,
but forget to lock it.
I still find hope in the
alternate endings, written
but yet to be shot.
My gauzy veil gets
caught in the closing
curtain every time.
I compose yesterday
in my poetry.
I find solace in fastening
myself to what was.
Binded to moments long gone.
I write text to loosen the memories,
to dissolve the unrest
inside of me.
The undertone of melancholy,
my favorite feeling,
lingers in the emphatic prose.
For a poem, I fall back
into what was.
Then I put the pen down
and give myself to the now.
Letting the presence remain
perched for the here,
on my shoulder.
Hoping, one day words
will linger in today.

Tosha Michelle 


98 thoughts on “Alternate Endings

  1. Wow, this is wonderful and has mind on fire! πŸ™‚ It is interesting that write about giving yourself to the now. Seems to me, the beauty of being engulfed in the present is that the experience is richer. In turn, this gives depth and texture to the emotions which create more vivid memories to write about…later. Loved this piece, Tosha ❀

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  2. Beautifully written. Sometimes the past needs to stay in the past. But I think what you say here is that that is a harder thing to do than simply saying it. Sometimes we need to accept apologies which were never given and move on.

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  3. Wow.
    A work of brilliance. The entire piece is so good and you know I like to pick some lines, well I have some but it all just fit together so seamlessly I can’t…and had me emotional, but I can’t quite figure out why.
    Superb ☺

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  4. Your words always linger. I grow strength from them and as I knew, you do as well, as the past was a frame and neither of us can control alt delete it, yet have to go back to the well and get it out and find both solace as well as inspiration:)

    I sometimes get stuff out there so fast I get past thinking and it just flows, sometimes it gets sticky and i alter the theme or the outcome or read a small number of posts a few times a day and i can get off my butt and do something good, especially if it helps someone else:)

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      1. I am glad as well. We definitely have a two peas in a pod sort of thing. I was somewhat sad as when coming out here I had options, direct, too expensive with short notice, a stop in Boston, NC or SC. I was not the one purchasing and they went Boston. A nasty storm meant I would have been stranded in Boston or SC, I missed the last ticket in SC and went non stop. My bags went all over the place.

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      2. However having heard you talk, you would crack under pressure;). You do have a well umm, not, err, derr, crap, lovely voice:)

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  5. Sometimes it is good to let the past fill your mind, the poetry can be wonderful. But sometimes the past should just be forgotten, for there is nothing beneficial in it. I love history, but I don’t always want to relive it. I have trouble with dredging up old memories and forgetting the pain caused. This is a good poem. Thank you for sharing it.

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  6. You’re such a wonderful poet. Every word filled with pure honesty and elegance. As always your poetry is a cool breeze passing through. I love it such a lovely piece of art blessing to you T thank you for sharing this πŸ™‚

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  7. The undertone of melancholy.
    All of this is just SO EXQUISITE but that line really stuck with me.
    Such a talented and beautiful soul you are.

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