The only light worth having
is the light you have to work for.
I try and find it in my craft.
But sometimes I’m angry with
words- the pen- the paper- the
storm scape inside my head.
Yet I write best in restless hues.
Red with an undercoat of black.
I grasp for understanding.
I look but can’t see.
Clarity is a lie told by the
mentally sane. I sit at my desk
a labyrinth of doubt, trying to find
the middle ground between dark and
a glimmer of unfurling light.
Knowing joy is unsustainable
but knowing what I do not know.

-Tosha Michelle


59 thoughts on “Crafting

  1. Bravo. Our inner battles between light and dark can cross the delicate line. I find myself there when I am in the creative process. Often allowing the inner demons decide which direction my writing will take. This resonated with me Oh Gifted Southern Belle.

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  2. Wonderful insights. I feel this poem to the core depths of my soul.
    You are so in touch with my indiscribeable feelings. I find you’re choice words are able to draw many of them out, like a posion for me to take a good long hard look at myself. Joy, is not all fun and games. All to often it requires work, & sometimes just to be still and allow it to happen.
    As you say” knowing what I do not know. ♡

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  3. Light and dark, I think wherever it is, they are at war. But the poet John Donne points out “truth (light) a little elder is.” Older means wiser, means knowledge of the things, dark cannot even Fathom. think your poem also talks about what we all experience as writers, trying to understand truths, to find them beneath the dark of life, we are always battling inside with our words. But you know the answer, It’s in this beautiful song you chose ( Love Snow Patrol) “Light up Light up as if you have a choice . . .,” the poet/writers job — to write anyways . Touching piece.

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  4. Bonjour TOSHA belle vidéo
    Mon passage sur ton joli blog
    Ce sont mes 2 mains sur mon clavier
    Sur un profil une belle image
    Qui derrière cet écran se trouve une personne de gentille
    La ou je retrouve une de mes meilleurs amies ou amis
    Je te fais un énorme sourire même si tu ne vois pas
    Dans le fond de mon cœur je te l’offre
    Passe une agréable journée
    Surtout ensoleillé ,chez moi le temps pas extra
    Bise amicale Bernard

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  5. Hi Tosha, found my way here through Johnathan’s reblog of this piece. What a fantastic piece, really! The struggle faced by every artist, yet the same struggle drives us to do better 🙂
    Looking forward to more beautiful posts from you! Do visit me when you have a moment.. Would be lovely to have you over! 🙂

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