The Chill


Sometimes when the world and people become too much to take
I develop winter brain: a sort of icy mindfulness
where I embrace the chill and long to hibernate
with the bears, while the snowbird helicopters
over the frozen lake harassing the air and
frost bite lingers on my soul.
My heart a solid ice sheet hasn’t a care.
I inhale the silence while the palest of
green fights to break through.
For a moment at least, I remain
as cold and calm as the
white of the snow overspread
on the ground.

-Tosha Michelle


67 thoughts on “The Chill

  1. Interesting concept. When I first started going to a counselor, she said there were commonly two reactions to trauma….fight or flight. Then she said there was a third one that nobody really speaks about…..freeze. She said “you are frozen.”
    I still am.

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  2. Naturaly being alone with our chosen thoughts, allows it’s quite charm to calm the spirit, clearing the mind as it warms the heart, to flow through our soul in a blaze of glory.
    Cold ? The price of peace is always worth time it takes to get the hell out a Dodge.

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