My Plea


Typical, I’m already lost
and you house is nowhere
in sight. Dusk is setting in
and there goes my light.

All day I sat near the
pine tree watching the
birds fly away from the cold.

The long limbs of the branches
shedding their yellow and gold.

Fallen leaves all around me,
crushed to the earth. I see
just the tip of the solitairy
orange leaf I have hoped for.

-Tosha Michelle


45 thoughts on “My Plea

  1. Beautiful poem… Loneliness is not only a less traveled path, as Frost would say… but probably a way of traveling… An Attitude… Sending love, Aquileana šŸ’ŽšŸ’ 

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  2. I love this poem it so perfectly expresses how I feel . I see everything I love and hold dear slipping away from me… disappearing and dying , sadly unlike the birds and the leaves on the trees I see little hopr of return . I fear hope may die soon , if it already has not. xxxx I liked the song too.

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    1. Oh my darling. I’m sorry. I don’t like reading this. If I can lean a virtual ear, please get in touch. I’m sending only my most serene thoughts your way. Don’t let despair steal your beautiful light.

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      1. Yes I think if you’re truly in love your heart will be so full of that person it won’t have room for anyone else (at least in a romantic sense) I’m sorry if I confused you. I should have just went with “no” ha-ha

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      2. Thank god your not a polyamorous person. If you would’ve said yes, it all would have changed. Sorry, if I’m asking this question. I had a debate with someone and I was in shock and taken off guard by them telling me they are polyamorous. It’s disgusting if you ask me.

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