He loves me!
There is no “not”
when flowers are
out of season.

-Tosha Michelle


104 thoughts on “He

      1. It’s coming to the end of the afternoon now and I’m trying to remove seeds from my hair. I’m pleasantly exhausted and ready to relax. Is it morning where you are?


      1. Pouting (our loss), but I understand. Family and life come first. For now, I’ll continue Monday to Friday. Blogging was never my goal, there are larger dragons to be slayed. You are a strong and talented woman with no limits. Go slay your dragons, conquer your dreams, and love your family. I will be here waiting for your posts, whatever day they happen to be. Be well, happy, and inspired. Always here for you.


  1. Short and cute. Liked it.

    Need a help from you. How do you add videos to your posts? I am using the same theme but unable to do so. Please suggest.

    Can I add videos via URL or need to download and then add? Any format-specific thing? Please let me know.

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      1. It seems like I keep returning and then going AWOL, and back again, but now that I’ve got a much faster running computer and I’m finally catching up, I don’t plan on being gone any time soon. πŸ™‚ You’re welcome. I’m really glad to hear that! The family and I have been well, thank YOU!

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  2. Reblogged this on Iconography β™  Incomplete and commented:
    This poem in its simplicity has also talked about how confused one can feel. Sometimes you don’t need a “not” because not all flowers are out of season. But mood varies and attitude can define a lot of things. Tosha gets this well.


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