Sometimes even the flutter
of moth wings is too loud.
I crave silence. I even write
in hushed tones under an oak
tree where nature seems
spiritual and serenity touches
me through the dew filled daisies.
I raise my pen to the sun.
I take in the charm of fresh air,
a storytelling of peace. It’s easier
to trust in the smell of honeysuckles
and the blueness above than humans.
People vanish with the seasons and create
noise and chaos inside my head. But the sky,
today, at least, is a reliable ally.
It whispers to me in
calm meditative tones
In the quiet I breathe again.

-Tosha Michelle


103 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Salut Tosha!

    That’s a very beautiful read! Feels like looking into a mirror —

    Very vividly! I enjoyed it thoroughly!
    I wish you a splendid day 😊

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  2. Drowning out the world today with the earbuds, myself, Tosha. Forget about the humans…live in your world, Poetess. Let the rest of us figure out how to get there. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  3. Mon Dieu, je n’avais pas Γ©coutΓ© les Deep Purple depuis des annΓ©es, merci.

    My God, I had not listened to Deep Purple for years, thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Let me sell my screenplays. Then, I will talk him into going on your show with me. My pleasure reading your work. Seriously, I have tried to write in your style, but I fail replicate your smoothness. You have real talent.

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  4. I love to listen to silence. There are still places in NM where it is possible not to hear any un-natural sounds all day with the exception of a random plane. I crave that kind of quiet. And Deep Purple? Honey, that’s my generation.:0)

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