October, early evening.

Remember the walk in the park, at dusk,
after hours spent daydreaming? Attune your heart
to the streetlights illuminating, the leaves,
aglow with autumn. The book of trees an understory
all gold, like a good plot all shiny, tangled,
bitter and sweet. Lift your face to the crisp wind,
to the pines, to the melody in the air. Sing along.
Remember the hopeful feeling like getting the first editions
of your favorite books or a passionate kiss from someone
who understands your quirks and finds them sexy. Lean into nature.
The improbable full moon, so big and bright no camera lens or artist’s hands could reproduce. Climb into the open sky, even the night. Remember. Relax. Be.

-Tosha Michelle

For Alex. My less than perfect cover of “Wings” by Birdy. Thanks for the request.


83 thoughts on “Be

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  2. Tosha, you capture the nature of all things so well. Taking time and effort to BE, is well worth the experience to act.
    Thanks for reminding me of simple joys in life.

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  3. love and love. btw, I have like 30 custom channels on Pandora and my Birdy channel gets all my time. Thank you for both the words and song.

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  4. What are you gabbling about?! We’ve never gone on a walk! We should though! Somewhere secluded where I chop off your head!
    Good read though.

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  5. Tosha, really enjoyed the imagery created here. (October has actually become one of my favorite months) The picture selected to accompany your words was perfect. Loved your singing as always.. Have a great day, Bruce

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  6. “The improbable full moon, so big and bright no camera lens or artist’s hands could reproduce. Climb into the open sky, even the night. Remember. Relax. Be.”

    love this…

    & your poetic voice could stand and be- in any era in time…it is translatable to the experience of life…makes me admire your vision and articulation of thought…

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  7. Wonderfully written, you paint a very emotional piece within words,

    the bonus of a song finishing with a loving touch…

    i also see that you have been reading some my stuff,

    i am grateful, sorry ifinn i hadn’t caught this earlier..

    i look forward to our future…

    Possibly bouncing sarcastically loving comments back an forth…

    hugs & kisses chris

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      1. Nice to be back. πŸ™‚ I’m not posting as much, at least not yet (and you know, as soon as I type those words I usually eat them right up!).

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      2. Yeah. We have that in common. WordPress is just such a lovely environment. It’s so different from Facebook or Twitter. There’s a real sense of community here.


      3. I’ve actually been doing more on Twitter only because it’s quick and over before you know it. But I agree, there is more of a sense of community on WP.

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