Ever After


I tell you all my past lovers
think I’m crazy, which isn’t
so bad, when you consider
the number- one.

You read me over the dinner table
Reporting from wine and steak.

The location of our winter nights
spent with fire and a feather bed.
Our own religion of sensual things.

But what I really want to give
you is the story of us, made
of something holy, riddled
with mistakes and the absurd.

The way we bumped heads when
we attempted our first kiss.
Your undisclosed love of Nicholas
Sparks books and boy bands.

How we fit together even
if it’s in a cattywampus way.

How we’re learning to build over
a geography of missteps and scars.

Our history just beginning to
unfold from the sky.

Knowing we will live this
life together. And write our
own ending, happily ever after.

-Tosha Michelle

Listen to “Feels Like Home to Me” Cover by Tosha Michelle 2020 #np on #SoundCloud


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