I write my life in black
and blue.
I’m the girl suffused with
exclamation marks
and dramatic pauses.
My words infused
with dust.
The counter winds of my mind.
Years linger on the windowsill.
The past flows from the
same white cup.
Memories arrive like Jehovah’s Witnesses
on my front doorstep.
Fragments of my life
trying to convert me.
Pestering me to revert back.
Trying to lure me out with
promises of redemption.
I reattach myself
one line at a time.
Slipping from grey
into lavender.
Bound to advance
not retreat, I vow
to right my upside down heart
by the slip of pen
and the exorcism of yesterday.
I slice myself in threes
and write my riddle of release
over paper full of
missteps and scars.

-Tosha Michelle


75 thoughts on “Suffused

  1. “Memories arrive like Jehovah’s Witnesses
    on my front doorstep.
    Fragments of my life
    trying to convert me.”

    You are penciling Brilliant. you know that?
    Amazing…simply amazing.

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  2. I felt this one deeply and related to its message. My feelings and emotions are much the same and I feel compelled to write a masculine equivalent for my own story. Thank you Tosha Michelle

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  3. Terrific write, wonderful the way you’re able to capture feelings/emotions with your pen. Always a pleasure to read your words. Love this line, “to right my upside down heart”. Have a wonderful day! ~ Mia

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  4. There are so many brilliant pieces in this worl. The image and opening words set the table for the great imagination. “I write my life in black and blue.” Then, you ended this wonderful piece
    “I slice myself in threes, and write my riddle of release, over paper full of missteps and scars.”
    Sheer brillance.

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  5. Love it Tosha, you get the balance right, nice touch to add a Beatles song I’d temporarily forgotten, they did so much amazing stuff!

    I’m aware that long time Beatles producer George Martin passed yesterday, RIP to a great man XX

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      1. I don’t think I could pick a fave, they did so many, they are just always there, for anything and everything. They played Strawberry Fields the other day on the radio, I’m still enjoying their songs afresh, I don’t know how! A friend had a yellow submarine toy, John, Paul, Ringo, and George would pop up and down as it was pushed along! Bonkers song! LOL

        I hope the sun does come along soon, but I have learned to enjoy winter too, my thought patterns can be quite dark, but not so much this year, as winter has been very mild thus far. It will probably take quite a while till summer does arrive tho, so in a month or 2 I shall probably regret any such concessions.

        Meanwhile, lets dream of lavender, sunshine, light, and other warm good things! 🙂

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      2. That toy must have been a hoot. Winter has left us here. It’s sunny and 80’s degrees which is warm for this time of year. My thoughts stay wintery though. I miss your country. I hope to travel back across the pond soon. Cheers my friend.


      1. That’s right, you were in the process of moving!☺ I’m glad you’re getting settled in. Aside from being I’ll for weeks now, my family is we’ll, thanks for asking. I feel amazing!

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      2. I never intended to be AWOL, believe me. Our laptop has been in the hands of the repair man (a friend of my wife’s) and so I’ve had to resort to getting online via the Kindle or my phone, which a genuine pain. Anyway, it was supposed to be done and back to us weeks ago, but apparently it was a much bigger job than expected. Uggh.. Hopefully we’ll get it back this weekend. I’m getting real anxious to write again…

        Thank you, Tosha. Much love to you and yours, as well. (((Hugs)))

        Have a wonderful weekend!


      3. Thank you. May your weekend be filled with many kindnesses, joy and blessings from above. Also, much creativity.:)

        It’s been a real pain, indeed. I just want to write again, and use an actual keyboard instead of the touch screen or this blasted stylus!!😱 You know??

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      4. Very frustrating, indeed!

        But no need to dwell on the past, because Mike (our repairman) dropped the laptop off last night and it runs like a charm.:) I love it already! And I cannot wait to write!

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  6. What a joy it is to be lost in your words. You have such a great command of figurative language and your lines always flow perfectly. It’s like taking a swim in a warm river. This is exactly what writing poetry is like.

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  7. Tosha thank you for the Beatles, I had not heard that song for so long.
    I am sending you a smile of Provence, here it is 3:25 in the morning, you see that I have already started my day.
    Probably following the articles on “Panam Papers”, it surely is a relationship …
    Ah, ah, ah!

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