She ‘s Beatrice and Delilah.
an illusion, a crime

She’s a skyscape that slips
from blue, to grey, to red.

She’s a spider web over
a bank vault.

She’s the pull swirling
in his chest.

She’s a whisper of longing
stuck in his ear.

She’s a wilder life, the sweet
seed, his heart’s core.

She’s a sigh, ragged and

She’s a crushing need
a helix of yearning.

She’s chemistry and anatomy.

She’s the witching hour’s
pleasures of bourbon and sin.

She’s soaked in summer,
spun in contradictions.

She’s a flame grabbing what
it wants, a tumultuous embrace.

She’s a thousand lips bruising
his skin.

She’s a back arching, guttural

She’s rhythm and release.

She’s as intrusive as a power

She’s as frustrating as a

She’s as elusive as spindrift

She’s a woman set in his type,
born in ink, language spilling out.

She’s what he conjugates.
The artistry of his craft

-Tosha Michelle


53 thoughts on “She’s

  1. I love this! So beautiful! I love poetry and this is one of the best poems I ever read! It’s really hard to find poems that are very well written and have beautiful imagery and creative metaphors and things. It’s a skill that not everyone possesses. You are gifted! And I like the photo too, very interesting! That’s one of my favorite songs! ❤

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  2. Simply stunning, my mind is reeling. At first, I wasn’t sure what it was about, and then it became out the sensuality between man and woman, and her impact on him, and then for the super creative twist, you reveal to us that it’s a fiction. Brilliant! And like everyone already said, the visuals and metaphors are phenomenal (as usual.)

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  3. Wonderful (as per your usual), Tosha. Adore that line: “She’s a crushing need / a helix of yearning” — wish I’d written that. 🙂


      1. Your creativity will find you again. We all have a lulls. This is such a busy time of year, that doesn’t help either. I probably won’t blog a whole lot until after Christmas.


      2. I hear you there. I’m not even in the holiday mood, and maybe it’s spilling into my creativity. I look forward to whenever you do decide to post. 😉

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  4. I need to think about this some more through a few more reads but you may have just described my Anima…the divine projection from my soul of the ideal woman.

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      1. LOL! I was like…what? 🙂 I agree, finding the ideal in reality is rare. Once found, the even greater challenge is sustaining that connection. How do we as mere mortals sustain and live up to the divine perfection projected from our lover’s soul which expands infinitely. I suspect this is ultimately the central question I am orbiting around in my blog.

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      2. Tosha, would you mind checking my gravatar and seeing if the link to my blog is active now? I’m on a quest for meaning and can’t even get my gravatar link right, ha!

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