The Fold Into Winter


I’m walking through the
Queen City,
moving toward what?
It’s late
November, late afternoon,
The light, leafs
through its book of buildings.
Tall high rises,
The trees telling a back story.
My thoughts are
dark, tangled, melancholy-
as my thoughts
tend to be. This is not a
forlorn plot.
I’m content, enough. Biding
my time, on Trade Street.

In the distance. I hear the
bluesy notes of
a saxophone. For a moment
the sky opens
for me. My imagination shines
like an angel.
The air is so vibrant and busy
my whole body
feels weightless. I let my mind
wander down a
rainbow path. Time turns around
I am the princess of a
lightless country. Free from
the angst of
my mind. The molecules part
for me. I breathe
in serenity. The horizon clear.

I hold tight to the illustrated pages
I listen to the noise
of magnolias. I’m released from my self critical ways.
The words behind words are full of
grace… for once
devoid of longing. I brush a bouquet of daisies
from my hair. My own avant-garde
parade- lace, glitter,
sunflower seeds. I hold tightly to
the plot even
as the sun decides to deviate
from my happy
narrative, turning back into
clouds, tumbleweeds,
and hornets.
I accept the fragments from
the sky. I have
no choice. The stained alleyways
beckon me.
All I can do is keep walking
All I can do is live this life.
Write this life.

-Tosha Michelle


36 thoughts on “The Fold Into Winter

  1. “all I can do is keep walking….all I can do is live this life”…..
    Potent words that I try to live by….

    winter is hard for me …I suspect I have a bit of Seasonal Affect Disorder….I try to remind myself that eventually spring does arrive….thanks for reminding me to put one foot forward and “keep walking”….

    Have a lovely Monday!

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  2. As much as I dislike the harsh New England weather, there’s something peaceful about the solitude of winter. In many ways, the plot grows more precious with these darkened days.

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    1. Thanks for making me see it in a different light πŸ™‚

      I forget how breathtaking it can be an early morning outside with complete silence and snow covered hills. I will think about that as I plod through winter this year!

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  3. You have captured the essences of winter snow and joy.

    My favorite lines of yours:

    In the distance. I hear the
    bluesy notes of
    a saxophone. For a moment
    the sky opens
    for me. My imagination shines
    like an angel.

    Beautifully stunning and visually promising.


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  4. WOW!! I was spellbound from the get-go and the very visual, magical imagery pulled me in deeper and deeper yet. I love the juxtaposition between the bleak and lightness. The last line seals the deal: Write this life. Indeed!

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  5. “The light, leafs
    through its book of buildings.”
    Saying so much with so little. Spellbinding.
    I had to re-read this, wondering to myself, “who wrote this?” (As I rarely pay attention to the author due to most of the drivel on blogs)
    Of course, when I seen it was you, I smiled. Of course you wrote this.

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