The Absence of Sun


I try to nail sunlight

to paper.

Instead, I always

capture rain.

The light is so elusive.

It won’t even scribble

its initials on my

waterlogged pages.

The darkness is

never shy.

It always invites

itself in.

My pen has been

swimming in

its ocean for

quite some time.

I dive to bottom

of a well written sea.

The light remains


-Tosha Michelle


53 thoughts on “The Absence of Sun

  1. What beautiful writing. There are so many lines that I love. The darkness is never shy is one of the best lines I have read since I have been b;logging. Amazing creativity and imagery. I will love following your blog. This is truly inspirational.


  2. You know? I don’t understand why we write about pain so much more easily than anything else. When I try to write something uplifting it takes so much more effort. Painful things and sad emotions flow freely to the surface, always.

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      1. Guess we’ll just continue to use it then. It’s us being able to give a middle finger back to the universe for making us feel that way in the first place. We’ll take something painful and make it into something beautiful.

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