Reading the Dead


I love my dead relatives

like I love the broken

spine of my favorite book

I love the bent back pages

and the sad dust cover

of ruin. I’ll never discard

it. I take it out often and

bookmark it in memories.

In the chapters, I want the

words to live again. No

matter how many times

I reread the text, there is

no next scene.

I hope it plays out in

another dimension.

I’d like to think some things

are like this.

The morning light casts a

glow upon the cover,

giving it an angelic gleam.

Who could not admire the

beauty of a well loved book?

Wreckage made by years of

reading favorite passages

over again, and who could

not mourn, the sudden shock

when the pages begin

to fade?

-Tosha Michelle


43 thoughts on “Reading the Dead

      1. I saw Roger Waters in concert three times. The last was a few years ago when he did The Wall at Yankee Stadium. I also saw Gilmour at Radio City Music Hall. Amazing nights!! That’s so cool about your friend. Is there anywhere online I can hear his music?

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      2. Yeah, let me find a link. Note, he has a punk rock band called The Blood. They have quite the cult following. I’m going to find you something a little bit more mellow. Very cool about the concerts, by the way.

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  1. I love your homage the beauty of a well loved book! I think your message is so important, Tosha. More people need to see it. In fact, I’m going to reblog it, I adore it so much.:)

    And I’m a big Pink Floyd fan, as well. ((((Hugs))))

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  2. I have an old dictionary, it’s about 8 inches thick and from 1935. The spine is cracked, the pages are yellowing, but it looks regal sitting on an old dresser. Pink Floyd is one of my faves – The great gig in the sky is amazing.

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  3. A book with a chapter that is yours.
    reading writing
    things we manage to learn
    old days new days
    sing there songs in glory
    floating sinking
    text fade into memories
    staying leaving
    your words for later
    son daughter
    to write their story
    on blank pages.

    Okay not sure where that came from… just loved your writing. It pulled me in and captured me. Beautiful.

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