Psalms of October


October is the month for praise;
the beauty before winter’s gray.

It blushes the clouds with pink,
and paints the leaves canary.
The air so crisp and busy,
still warm from summer’s memory.
The sun brush stroked in red
streaking through the trees,
before their abundance
is carried away.

October is the month for praise.
Before a somber dullness
takes over.
Turning the days into
unkind nights,
when every thought we have
is nostalgic

October is fall’s long
stem rose;
trying to right the
wrong of December’s chill,
and mother nature’s
stony stare.

The red rose rises up,
as if to make amends
for what will become
of the bees and ants,
and all of us who strive
to live harmoniously;
those condemned to ice
and Jack Frost’s
fixation with noses.

October is the month to praise,
so we offer up our apple
cider alleluias,
in the field of the great pumpkin,
and await winter’s bitter thud.

-Tosha Michelle


39 thoughts on “Psalms of October

  1. Captures the essence of what I see out my window right now, Just had a wind storm come through last night so half the leaves are down, half are still up and in glorious, various shades of color depending on how the sun hits them while trying to make up its mind whether to reveal itself or not. Great read!

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  2. My favorite line from your poem: “so we offer up our apple
    cider alleluias,
    in the field of the great pumpkin,
    and await winter’s bitter thud.”
    Excellent imagery.

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  3. October definitely is a beautiful time of year (that’s if you live in the northern hemisphere). I remember the Canadian falls, and sadly enough I don’t think I took the time to appreciate them as I should have. Now that I don’t get them anymore, I would like to experience them again. The turning leaves, the crisp air, the whole autumn decor, possibly a pumpkin cappuccino…

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  4. Amazing. Again. I always love reading your posts as you always surprise me. I am seriously thinking about learning this by heart, so I could recitle it all the time. xx K.


  5. I love the fall, but not what it promises afterwards. I think that your poem captured those sentiments. Of course, the fields of the great pumpkin recalls a wonderful soliloquy by Linus.

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  6. Okay, before I forget: I really like the new look here! Love the darker color and the new header — wunderbar! And love the post art and the music, too. Your poem is a wonderful tribute to October and autumn, repleat with beautiful imagery/detail. Makes me feel good about these last days of this golden season. πŸ™‚

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      1. Ha! Thanks! It took everything I could muster to actually use a “real” photo of myself … I take lousy photos (unlike you — you take great ones!).

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      2. Thank you! You’ve made my night, πŸ™‚
        Yes, today I posted — it’s my 3rd one (I think!).
        I had all kinds of tech problems last night.

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