Ode to My Cat.

The silliest of silliest..

Not Quite-The Cat in The Hat….

My cat can rock, My cat can roll.

He knows how to keep with the beat.

Dancing around in the streets.

My cat can recite Shakespeare with ease

You see, he’s fluent in  CATionese

My cat is king of all he surveys.

Mostly, he’s surveys his food bowl.

My cat  is an expert at snoozing.

Who knows.. perhaps,  he’s been boozing.

My cat is the greatest of muses.

Poets and writers he inspires.

My cat is cool…the coolest of the cool.

He’ll snort his nip. And not give a …sh…..amen

My cat is a saint and a sinner.

His whole world revolves around dinner.

My cat is a superior

Just look at his posterior.

My cat is the greatest.

And now it been stated.

My cat will never be overrated.


This nonsense brought to you by-Crazy Cats Ladies Everywhere and Yours Truly.

Happy Holidays!! May your turkeys and stockings be stuffed. The love and wine ever flowing. and may Santa find you being naughty and nice. xo


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