Beauty and the Self Conscious Beast.


Imperfection and flaws are beautiful no matter how strange or dysfunctional they may be. We all strive for perfection, but it is an unattainable, elusive dream . OK, unless you are Timothy Olyphant! Hubba, friggin hubba. 


But I digress….

We all have things we would like to change about ourselves. Learning to accept that we are perfectly imperfect is the key to peace of mind and giving our mirrors a much needed reprieve.  Let’s own our flaws and make them fabulous. Idiosyncrasies should be embraced. How boring life would be without them?

We women especially put so much effort, into our hair, makeup and dress, setting such a high standard by comparing ourselves to others when we should just learn to love ourselves for who we are, flaws and all. Those flaws are what make us uniquely us. Let’s learn to be confident in our insecurities. Our fears do not define our worth, nor naysayers out to cast their stones. Let’s declare our independence from self doubt.  Remember, under all those gorgeous dresses, lovely hats, and winning smile, even Kate Middleton probably has some really quirky qualities about her, like drinking milk straight from the cartoon, or something deranged like that.




2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Self Conscious Beast.

  1. Every flaw is but a moment of perfect beauty surrounded by mediocre lukewarm milktoast. (hard to even say with a straight face!) I concur though, let us embrace our quirks and scars…our idiosyncrasies and imperfections are our STORIES waiting to be told!


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