Sweet Tea Musings

In every life there’s always a moment

Where we lose ourselves

And the gray takes over.

Colorized in shades of black and blue
there are times

Where all we see is a haze of yellow
and we find ourselves
Basking in the warmth of assurance.

A mirage of transcendental tones,
Self and not self

Doership and discipleship
we wrestle with reality and myth.
Creating distinctions in the labyrinth of our minds,
Painting on a canvas

Of the ridiculous and sublime
Ruminating upon

Thoughts of power,

Fate and choice
Salted, peppered, and sprinkled,

With philosophical introspection,
of purple, green and dazzling shades of

The Existential who?
The seas, the sky,

Me, myself

And I,
Creating, defining,

Defying, perplexing,

Pondering, wondering,

Wandering oxygen becomes fire

With red being the only hue.

-Tosha Michelle Woody



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