Less Fear…More Action.

Society’s greatest ill is apathy and the cost of that indifference is losing touch with our humanity.  It’s not enough to just observe. We have to do more, expect more and be more.  Being submissive is not an option when it comes to economical, social, environmental and political issues. Our voices matter. Our actions count.

Don’t just observe. Get involved.  Don’t just think. Do. Don’t just exist. Live.




Apathy your momentous

Tune lulls us to sleep.

In our somber slumber

Dreaming dreamless dreams.


Solace is found in a mind-

Numbing hypnotic sound.

In our cationic state

There is no hope, no pain.

Only blissful unawareness.


In our hibernation

We are safe from-







They don’t exist

In our drowsy bliss.


Silent and unaware

We doze on as the world

Spins Madly on

Raging on

Warring on.


We lay lost;

Entranced in the

Sublime banality of

A shadow of leafless,

Fruitless trees.





 “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
John F. Kennedy



7 thoughts on “Less Fear…More Action.

  1. Interesting piece. What fascinates me is from where this collective apathy springs. My research has led to surprising and profound results. A large part of the answer is the mother complex (nothing to do with our real mothers). It’s that regressive tendency in all of us to go back to a time in our lives when we were taken care of, when we did not have to make the decisions.


    1. Interesting theory and one that make sense. Who doesn’t long for the carefree days of childhood? However, I think there’s a lot of other factors that contribute to feelings of apathy…boredom, depression, desensitization of our society, a lack of self awareness etc.

      Thanks so much for the follow and feedback…really appreciate it.


      1. A great pleasure. Indeed many factors contribute though many of the symptoms you speak arise from the ongoing battle between doing everything and nothing, from being everything or nothing, this is the mother complex. This combined with the folly of romantic love and our desire to live out the perfection of our soul’s through another and our commitment to reside in the illusions of our projections answers for much. Depression for example is a continued state of disappointment that the world and ourselves are not living up to our expectations… Great to be in community with a courageous writer like yourself I look fwd to sharing further


      2. Likewise. I look froward to exploring your work more. Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!


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