Not Just a Girl.

Inside she is sunshine.

An innocent girl.

Full of dreams.

Her whole life ahead of her.

The world at her feet.

Out on the street

In the late summer heat.

Men with wicked schemes.

She meets

They have her in their reach.

Sadness and horror they teach.

Selling her to the highest bidder.

Money they will keep.

Binding her in chains.

A sex slave they seek.

Breaking her spirit.

Crushing her soul.

Taking her humanity.

All for gold.

Inside she is broken.

A heart that just a shell.

Her body void and empty.

Her life a living hell.

The terror gets worse.

Fear it grows.

Brutality all she knows

Can anyone hear her?


She is only 12 years old



Join in the fight against Modern Day Slavery. You can make a difference.  

Less Fear…More Action.

Society’s greatest ill is apathy and the cost of that indifference is losing touch with our humanity.  It’s not enough to just observe. We have to do more, expect more and be more.  Being submissive is not an option when it comes to economical, social, environmental and political issues. Our voices matter. Our actions count.

Don’t just observe. Get involved.  Don’t just think. Do. Don’t just exist. Live.




Apathy your momentous

Tune lulls us to sleep.

In our somber slumber

Dreaming dreamless dreams.


Solace is found in a mind-

Numbing hypnotic sound.

In our cationic state

There is no hope, no pain.

Only blissful unawareness.


In our hibernation

We are safe from-







They don’t exist

In our drowsy bliss.


Silent and unaware

We doze on as the world

Spins Madly on

Raging on

Warring on.


We lay lost;

Entranced in the

Sublime banality of

A shadow of leafless,

Fruitless trees.





 “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”
John F. Kennedy