Goodbye Neverland


This is a poem I wrote about the loss of friendship.See below.  At the time, I wasn’t ready to embrace letting go.  It’s funny how we meet certain people and just know they are fated to be in our lives forever, but the universe has different plans. Reflecting back, I now understand that not all friendships are meant to last although every friendship has a purpose.  Friends come into our life for a reason. They offer us just what we need at that particular moment in our lives..They help us grow…that growth could take a week, 6 months or years, but when we have arrived at our spiritual destination it is time to move on, time to let go..Letting go is never easy. It hurts!  But the best thing we can do for ourselves is to keep looking forward and believe that everything is as it’s meant to be.

Letting go means letting go of fear. letting go of guilt, and letting go of blame.. Don’t be afraid to move on. People will always fall away, and hey sometimes they fall back.. However, we have to live in the now, to know that for the time being we’ve learned all we can from them. Don’t grieve for what is lost but rejoice for what was. Friendships are sacred and they reflect who we are. Just as we change so do they. Things don’t happen to us. They happen for us.

If there’s one lesson life has taught me is the only constant in this world are the hands of time and change..Roll with it…

Goodbye Neverland

Sunny days, walking along the beach

Collecting fragile seashells and memories;

That must not to be overlooked or forgotten.

Sitting and basking in the sublime breeze

As the tides rolled in, lulling us with a sense of peace.

We talked about books, politics and philosophy

And we argued about the latest trends;

All the while we reflected on life in all its intricacies,

As we marveled at the crystal blue waters;

Like a marvelous friendship that never seemed to end.

Blanketed by serene winds belonging to no land,

I sat with my lost-boy from Never-Never-land.

The dreamy landscape forever expanding

We were taken away to mystic distant realms afar.

Suddenly the clouds rolled in,

The wind turned cold and the sky dark and gray.

I reached for your hand thinking,

We will run and hide from the rain together; but

You were nowhere to be found.

Left alone with the ominous sounds of waves

Crashing on the shore, I called out for you, but

The thunder cracked the air, silencing my breath away.

Where did you go my friend?

I need you now to guide me home.

Who will help me board up the windows?

I cannot secure the house all tight alone all night.

Was it just an illusion, thinking you would stand with me and fight?

How could you leave me alone battling the storms?

Consumed with pain and fear for our friendship so fragile,

That it could not withstand mere earthly elements.

Just like a storm, we grew together, raining our tears,

Until we ceased to be; just as a storm ends bringing about

The inevitable clear blue skies of fair weather, friend.



14 thoughts on “Goodbye Neverland

  1. wonderfully written. thank you for posting.
    i find often in my life that, as you so eloquently stated, …the universe has other plans…I may use that simple (yet profound) line as a post sometime; given your permission.
    Have an incredible day!


  2. Tosha, that was beautiful, and for some strange reason it reminds me of my book, A Scent of Gardenias. I too am a believer that people come in and out of our life for a reason. Unknowingly to these friends, God sends them to us at a time to lift our spirits or help us through the maze of life’s tough decisions. xoxo


    1. I know this book you speak of and I love it. Everyone should have a copy of.A Scent of Gardenias. (get it on amazon) Letting go sucks, but I know how to do it now. It’s just rare for me to truly connect with people on deep level, but when I do..those feelings stick ..I’m very passionate about those I love and care about.


  3. Thank you for your kind words, Tosha. I share your passionate feelings about people I love, and sometimes the hurt they inflict goes very deep. However, we can’t let it encroach on our search for happiness. It means they win and we lose.xoxo

    “If you want to be happy,
    Just begin to be glad,
    Keep thinking of others
    And never be sad.
    And don’t wait till tomorrow
    But start right away
    Just doing one kindness
    For someone each day.” _Mabel Wilton


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